Here are the most common telecom acronyms starting with W from the world of computer networking.

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Acronym Description
W Radiant emittance (or radiant excitance)
W Watt
WAD Written Acceptance Date
WAITQ Waiting Queue
WALE WATS Access Line Extension
WAN Wide Area Network
WARC World Administrative Radio Conference
WATFOR (University of) Waterloo FORTRAN
WATS Wide Area Telecommunications Service
WBMG Western Business Marketing Group
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
WBSL Work Breakdown Structure Legend
WCS Writable Control Store
WD Wiring Document
WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing
WDT Watchdog Timer
WECO Western Electric Company (former name of AT&T Technologies, Inc.)
WEH Write Enable High byte
WEL Write Enable Low byte
WFF Well-Formed Formula
WG Working Group
WGS Work Group Station
WGS Work Group System
WHCA White House Communications Agency
WIP Work In Process (MFG)
WITS Washington Interagency Telecommunications System
WL Working Line
WM Work Manager
WMEA Washington Metropolitan Exchange Area
WOS Work Order System
WPM Words per Minute
WRCC Western Regional Control Center (NOCC)
WRDC Western Region Data Center
WRSS Western Region Switch Surveillance
WRTS Western Region Transmission Surveillance
WS Work Station
WT Walk Through
WT X-wire Trunk (as in 2WT for Two-wire Trunk)
WTIC Washington Telecommunications Interagency Committee
WVDC Working Voltage Direct Current
WVTS Wideband Video Transmission System
WWDSA Worldwide Digital System Architecture
WWNDP Worldwide Numbering and Dialing Plan

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