Here are the most common telecom acronyms starting with V from the world of computer networking.

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Acronym Description
V Normalized frequency
V Volt
V&H Vertical and Horizontal
V.35 Interface
VA Veterans Administration
VA Voltampere
VAC Volts, alternating current
VACC Value-Added Common Carrier
VAD Value Added Dealer
VAL Vicarm Arm Language
VAM Video Area Manager
VAN Value-Added Network
VANS Value-Added Network Service
VAP Voice-Activated Platform
VAPC Vector Adaptive Predictive Coding
VAS Value-Added Services
VAX Virtual Address Extension
VBR Variable Bit Rate
VC Virtual Circuit
VCA Voice Connecting Arrangement
VCR Video Cassette Recorder
VCS Vendor Coordination Service
VCS Virtual Circuit Switch
VCXO Voltage-controlled Crystal Oscillator
VDC Volts, Direct Current
VDL Vienna Definition Language
VDT Video Display Terminal (also Visual Display Terminal)
VDU Video Display Unit (also Visual Display Unit)
VF Voice Frequency
VFFT Voice-Frequency Facility Terminal
VFG Virtual Facility Group
VFT Voice Frequency Telegraph
VFY Verify
VG Voice Grade
VGA Video Graphics Array (monitor)
VGDF Voice Grade Data Facility
V-H Coordinate Numerical coordinates that define the location of a rate center
VHF Very High Frequency
VHI Virtual Host Interface
VIEW VPN, Insite, Enabling Technologies & WATS Core Team
VIU Voice Interface Unit
VLC Voice Line Card
VLMM Very Large Main Memory
VLSI Very Large Scale Integration
VM Virtual Memory
VM/370 Virtual Machine/370
VMACS VPN Management Access Control System
V-mail Voice Mail
VMX Voice Message Exchange
VN Virtual Network
VNL Via Net Loss
VOGAD Voice-Operated, Gain-Adjusted Device
VOM Voice-Only Module
VON Virtual On-Net
VP Virtual Path
VPA Voice Path Assurance (tests)
VPA Volume Purchase Agreement
VPB Voice Processor Board
VPI Virtual Path Identifier
VPL Virtual Private Line
VPN Virtual Private Network
VPN(SM) Virtual Private Network
VRC Vertical Redundancy Check(ing)
VRMS Volts/Root-Mean-Square
VRTM Verification Requirements Traceability Matrix
VRU Voice Response Unit
VSAM Virtual Storage Access Method
VSAT Very-Small-Aperture Terminal
VSB Very Severe Burst
VSB Vestigial Sideband Modulation
VSPC Visual Storage Personal Computing
VSS Video Server System
VSS Voice Server System
VTAM Virtual Telecommunications Access Method
VTC Video Teleconference
VTCS Video Teleconference System
VTOC Volume Table of Contents
VTP Virtual Terminal Protocol
VTP Virtual Transport Protocol
VTS Video Transmission Service
VTS Video Transmission Services

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