Here are the most common telecom acronyms starting with T from the world of computer networking.

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Acronym Description
T&I Testing and Integration
T&M Time and Material
T&R Tip and Ring (the two local telephone wires)
T/DC Tape/Disk Cabinet
T/P Transaction Processing
T/S Interface
T1 1.544 Mbps, 24 channels (equivalent to DS1)
T1C 3.152 Mbps, 48 channels (equivalent to DS1C or two DS1s)
T1FAC T1 Facility
T2 6.312 Mbps, 96 channels (equivalent to DS2 or four DS1s)
T-2009 Basic ISDN set
T-2112 ISDN 12-button set
T-2317 ISDN 16-button set
T3 44.736 Mbps, 672 channels (equivalent to DS3 or 28 DS1s)
T-3000 ISDN digital telephone
T3C 90 Mbps, 1344 channels (equivalent to DS3C or two DS3s)
T3D 135 Mbps, 2016 channels (equivalent to DS3D or three DS3s)
T3E 180 Mbps, 2688 channels (equivalent to DS3E or four DS3s)
T4 274 Mbps, 4032 channels (equivalent to DS4 or six DS3s)
TA Terminal Adaptor (card) (AT&T)
TA Trouble Aids
TAC Technical Advisory Center
TAC Telenet Access Controller
TAC Test Access Circuit
TAC Trunk Access Control
TACS Total Access Communications System
TADIL Tactical Digital Information Link
TADSS Tactical Automatic Digital Switching System
TAFAS Trunk Answer From Any Station
TAL Tandem Application Language
TAMS Technical and Management Services
TAMS Telenet Access Management System
TAN Test Access Network
TAP T1 Access Partitioning
TAP Total Assets Protection
TAPA Total Army Personnel Agency
TARGA Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter
TAS Technical Assistance Service (Northern Telecom Inc.)
TAS Telephone Answering Service
TAS Test Access Slot
TASC Technical Assistance Service Center
TASC Telecommunications Alarm Surveillance and Control System
TASI Time Assignment Speech Interpolation
TASTE Trunks, Access, Switch and Transmission Evaluator
TAT Transatlantic cable
TAU Test Access Unit
TAU Trunk Access Unit
TAXIR Taxonomic Information Retrieval
TBA To Be Assigned
TBCC Test Bus Control Circuit
TBCU Test Bus Control Unit
TBD To Be Decided
TBD To Be Determined
TBM Terabit Memory
TBS The Billing Solution
TBS To Be Supplied
TC Technical Control
TC Telecommunications
TC Terminal Controller (Northern Telecom Inc. DMS-100)
TC Test Code (card)
TC Toll Center
TC Transaction Capabilities
TC Transaction Capability
TC Trunk Concentrator
TC Type Cabinet
TCAM Telecommunications Access Methods
TCAP Transaction Capabilities
TCAP Transaction Capability Application Part (SS7)
T-carrier Hierarchy of digital systems designed to carry speech and other signals in digital form
TCAS T-carrier Administration System (database)
TCBH Time-Consistent Busy Hour
TCI Telephone Circuit Inventory
TCM Time Compression Multiplex
TCM Traveling Class Mark
TCMS Telecommunications Control Management System (Astra-TCMS Computer system)
TCN Travel Card Number
TCO Targeted Calling Option
TCO Telenet Central Office
TCOS Traveling Class of Service
TCP Transfer Control Protocol
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCR Transaction Confirmation Report
TCRS Tax Calculation & Reporting System
TCS Table Control System
TCT Tandem Connecting Trunk
TCVXO Temperature Compensated/Voltage controlled Crystal Oscillator
TD Tone Decoder
TD Transmitter-Distributor
TD&EO Test Data & Expected Outcome
TDA Traffic Data Analysis (Suntel C3 computer subsystem)
TDB Terminal Descriptor Block
TDM Time Division Multiplexing
TDM Trunk Data Module
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access
TDN Time Division Network
TDN Toll Denied
TDR Time Division Reflectometer
TDS Traffic Data Studies System
TDS Training Course Development Standard
T-DSL T Digital Subscriber Loop
TDSU T1 Digital Service Unit
TDT Telenet Diagnostic Tool
TDT2 Telenet Diagnostic Tool 2
TDV Toll Diversion
TE mode Transverse Electric mode
TE1 Terminal Equipment Type 1
TE2 Terminal Equipment Type 2
TEHO Tail End Hop Off
TEI Terminal Endpoint Identifier
TELECOM Telecommunications services (or equipment)
TEM mode Transverse Electromagnetic mode
TEMPEST Electronic Emissions Security
TEMPO Telecommunications Modernization Project (Pentagon)
TES Toll Essential Service
TF Trunk Frame
TFPC Toll Fraud Prevention Committee
TFS Traffic Subsystem
TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol
TG Trunk Group
TG5 Translation Guide 5ESS
TGIN Trunk Group Information
THIS Trouble Handling Information System
TI Texas Instruments
TI Trouble Indicators
TIA Technical Information Agreement
TIAC Telecommunications Industry Advisory Committee (California)
TIAS Telephone Inventory and Accounting System
TIC Telephone Interface Card
TICCIT Time-Shared Interactive Computer-Controlled Informational Television
TIE Terminal Interface Equipment
TIES Total Integrated Engineering System
TIF Tandem Interface Frame
TIF Telephone Interference Factor
TIF Terminal Interface
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
TIMS Treasury Information Management System
TINP Telenet Internal Network Protocol
TIP Technical Information Paper
TIP Terminal Interface Processor (or Terminal Interface Message Processor)
TIR Total Internal Reflection
TIR Trouble Incident Report
TIRKS Telecommunications Interoffice Network WMQem
TIU Terminal Interface Unit
TIU Test Interface Unit
TIV Test Integration/Validation
TL Transmission Level
TLC T-Interface Line Card
TLM Trouble Locating Manual
TLN Trunk Line Network
TLP Transmission (Test) Level Point
TLP Trouble Locating Process (or Procedure)
TLSI Toll Loop Supervision Incoming
TLSO Toll Loop Supervision Outgoing
TLWS Trunk and Line Work Station
TM Terminal Maintenance
TM Traffic Measurement
TM Trunk Module
TM – MTA Telemail – Message Transfer Agent
TM mode Transverse Magnetic mode
TMC Telemarketing Center
TMC The Meeting Channel (P)
TMCU Time Multiplexed Control Unit
TMDSE Test Measurement Diagnostic and Simulation Equipment
TME Trunk Maintenance Equipment
TME Trunk Module Equipment
TML Tandem Matching Loss (Northern Telecom Inc. DMS)
TML Terminating Matching Loss
TM-LC Telemail – Local Community
TMR Triple Modular Redundancy
TMRS Traffic Measurement and Recording System
TMRS Traffic Measurement and Recording System
TMS Telecommunications Management Center
TMS Testbed Management System
TMS Time Multiplexed Switch
TMS Translations Management System
TMS Transmission Management System
TMS Trouble Management System
TMS Trunk Monitor System
TMS2 Time Multiplexed Switch – Model 2
TMSU Time Multiplexed Switch Unit
TMSU2 Time Multiplexed Switch Unit – Model 2
TMT Transmission Maintenance Terminal
TNDS T1 Network Diagnostic System
TNDS Total Network Data System
TNIC Transit Network Identifier Code
TNMS Transmission Network Management System
TNP Toll Network Protection
TNT Tools and Techniques for Supervisors
TOC Technical Operations Center
TOC Technical Oversight Center
TOD Time of Day
TODS Transactions on Database Systems
TOE Total Operating Expense
TOMS Transactions on Mathematical Software
TOP Task Oriented Practice
TOP Technical Office Protocol
TOPES Telephone Office Planning and Engineering System
TOPLAS Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems
TOPP Task Oriented Plant Practice
TOPS Traffic Operator Position System
TOPS Travel Card Operator Services Core Team
TORP Trunk Outage Results Plan
TOS Trunk Out of Service
TP Telenet Processor
TP Toll point
TP3 Telenet Product
TP4 Telenet Product
TPAM Teleprocessing Access Methods
TPART Terminating Partition
TPD Test Plan Development
TPDIR Telenet Processor Directory
TPDU Transport Protocol Data Unit
TPNS Transaction Processing Network Services
TPOS Telenet Processor Operating System
TPP Technical Practice and Procedure
TPRF Telenet Processor Reporting Facility
TPVM Telephony Peripheral Virtual Machine
TQA Total Quality Assurance
TQM Total Quality Management
TRA Travel Request Authorization
TRACS Test Repair Analysis Control System (MFG)
TRC Terminating Restriction Codes
TRCU Transmission Rate Converter Unit
TRF Territory Reassignment Forms
TRIM Trouble Report Improvement Methodology
TRIS Trouble Reporting Information System
TRK Trunk
TRL Transistor Resistor Logic
TRM Two Mile Optical Remote Switching Module
TRMS Trouble Report Management Service
TROC Trouble Reporting Operations Center
TRPS Total Recovery Planning System
TRS Tax Reporting System
TRS Total Requirements Statement (core teams)
TRS Trouble Reporting System
TRS Trouble Reporting System
TRUMP Trunk Maintenance Program (or Package)
TSAP Transport Service Access Point
TSB Time Switch Broadcasting
TSC Technical Service Coordinator
TSCO Telecommunications Service Control Officer
TSD Technical Service Document
TSF Trunk Switch Frame
TSG Technical Support Group
TSG Telephone Security Group
TSI Time Slot Interchanger
TSIU Time Slot Interchange Unit
TSIU2 Time Slot Interchange Unit – Model 2
TSMS Traffic Separations Measurement System
TSO Technical Services Organization
TSO Time Share Option
TSO Time Share Organization
TSP Telecommunications Service Policy
TSP Telecommunications Service Proprietary (system) (AT&T)
TSP Telecommunications System Priority
TSP Teleprocessing Services Program – Remote Computation
TSPS Traffic Service Position System
TSS Technical Support Specialists
TSS Time-Shared System
TSS Transmission Surveillance System
TSSSST Time, Space, 2-Stage Space, Space, Time (switching network)
T-S-T Time-Space-Time (switching)
TT Touch-tone
TT Trouble Ticket
TTC Test Trunk Circuit
TTC Trunk Test Center
TTF Transmission Test Facility
TTF Transmission Test Function
TTF Trunk Test Facility
TTI Telcommunication Technology, Inc.
TTL Transistor-Transistor Logic
TTMS Trouble Ticket Management System
TTP Trunk Test Point
TTS Tape Tracking System
TTS Trouble Tracking System
TTT Transmission Test Trunk
TTTN Tandem Tie Trunk Network
TTU Transmission Test Unit
TTY Teletype
TTY Teletypewriter
TTYC Teletypewriter Controller
TU Trunk Unit
TUCA Tape Cabinet
TUPLE Table Update Line Entry
TUR Traffic Usage Recorder
TUR Trunk Utilization Report
TUR Trunk Utilization Report
TVC Trunk Verification by Customer
TVRO Television Receive Only
TWA Two-Way Alternate
TWC Three-way Calling
TWT Traveling Wave Tube
TWX Teletypewriter Exchange service
TX 405 Mbps, 6048 channels (equivalent to nine DS3s)
TX 560 Mbps, 8064 channels (equivalent to 12 DS3s)

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