Here are the most common telecom acronyms starting with S from the world of computer networking.

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Acronym Description
S Source (lamp)
S&E Service and Equipment
S/D Signal-to-Distortion
S/N Signal-to-noise ratio
SAA Systems Application Architecture
SABM Set Asynchronous Balanced Mode
SABO Stand-Alone Billing Option
SAC Serving Area Concept
SAC Sight Administration Computer
SAC Site Access Computer
SAC Site Administrative Computer
SAC System Status Alarm and Control System
SAIN Sears Advanced Intelligent Network
SAM Screen Access Manager (Northern Telecom Inc. Meridian DV-1 system)
SAM Secure Access Multipoint
SAM Sequential Access Method
SAM Switch Access Module
SAM Synchronous/Asynchronous Multiplexer
SAMEM Stand-Alone Billing Memory
SAP Symbolic Assembly Program
SAPI Service Access Point Identifier
SAR Segmentation and Reassembly Sublayer
SAR Service Activation Request
SARM Set Asynchronous Response Mode
SARTS Switched Access Remote Test System
SAS Statistical Analysis System
SAS Switched Access System (Northern Telecom Inc. DMS-100)
SAS System Administration Service
SAT System Access Terminal
SATT Strowger Automatic Toll Ticketing
SBA Small Business Administration
SBAC Source Billing for Attendant Calls
S-band 1.55 GHz to 3.90 GHz (U.S.)
SBFPCEA Small Business Federal Procurement Competition Enhancement Act
SBT Six-Bit Transcode (same as Binary Coded Decimal (BCD))
SC Secondary Channel
SC Sectional Center
SC1 Speed Calling – Short list
SC2 Speed Calling – Long list
SCA Selective Call Acceptance
SCA Short Code Address
SCA Special Customer Arrangement
SCA Special Customer Arrangement
SCAN Switched Circuit Automatic Network
SCANS Software Change Administration and Notification System
SCC Specialized Common Carrier
SCC State Corporation Commission
SCC Switching Control Center
SCCOF Selective Customer Control of Facilities
SCCP Signaling Connection Control Part (SS7)
SCCS Switching Control Center System
SCCS Switching Control Center System
SCD Source Control Drawing
SCE Service Creation Environment
SCF Selective Call Forwarding
SCF Service Control Facility
SCI Simulation Councils, Inc.
SCM Subscriber Carrier Module
SCM-100R Subscriber Carrier Module Rural
SCM-100S Subscriber Carrier Module SLC-96
SCM-100U Subscriber Carrier Module Urban
SCP Service Control Point
SCPC Signal Channel Per Carrier
SCPMS Service Control Point Management System
SCPTA Service Control Point Transfer Application
SCR Screening
SCR Selective Call Rejection
SCR Silicon Controlled Rectifier
SCS Society for Computer Simulation
SCS System Control Subsystem
SCSD Scan and Signal Distribute
SCSI Small Computer System Interface
SCSR Single Channel Signaling Rate
SD Signal Distribution
SD Signal Distributor (equipment or circuit)
SD&D Specific Development and Design
SDA Selective Distinctive Alert
SDA Switch Database Administration
SDDF Supplementary Digital Distributing Frame
SDE Software Development Environment
SDFI Subscriber Digital Facility (ies) Interface
SDI Selective Dissemination of Information
SDIS Switched Digital Integrated Service
SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control (or Controller)
SDM Space Division Multiplexing
SDN Software Defined Network
SDN Software Defined Network
SDN Subscriber Directory Number
SDN Switched Digital Network
SDP Service Delivery Point
SDPO Sleeve Dial Pulse Originating
SDR System Development Requirements
SDS Scientific Data Systems
SDS Switched Data Service
SDTA Subscriber Data Transport Application
SDTA Subscriber Database Transport Application
SDU Synchronous Data Unit
SE CLR Special Equipment Circuit Layout Record
SEAC Standards Eastern Automatic Computer
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
SEC Service and Equipment Code
SEMS Switching Equipment Monitoring Subsystem
SER Sales Expedite Request
SES Service Evaluation System
SES Severely Errored Seconds
SEVAS Secure Voice Access System
SF Single Frequency
SF signaling Single-Frequency signaling
SFDEV Store File Device
SFG Simulated Facility Group
SFM Switch Feature Manager
SFTF System Functional Task Force
SG Service Group
SH Start Hunt
SHF Super High Frequency
SHU Stop Hunt
SI System Integrity
SIAM Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
SIC Service Initiation Charge
SIC Standard Industrial Classification
SICDR Speaker Independent Continuous Digit Recognition (Voicecard)
SID Society for Information Display
SIDD Standard Interval Due Date
SIG Special Interest Group
SIGARCH Special Interest Group on Computer Architecture (of ACM)
SIGBDP Special Interest Group on Business Data Processing (of ACM)
SIGBIO Special Interest Group on Biomedical Computing (of ACM)
SIGCOSIM Special Interest Group on Computer Systems Installation Management (of ACM)
SIGCSE Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (of ACM)
SIGI Signaling Irregularities
SIGMICRO Special Interest Group on Microprogramming (of ACM)
SIGOPS Special Interest Group on Operating Systems (of ACM)
SIGPLAN Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (of ACM)
SIGUCC Special Interest Group on University Computer Centers (of ACM)
SILC Selective Incoming Load Control
SIM Service Implementation Management
SIMD Single-Instruction Stream, Multiple-Data Stream
SIO Serial Input/Output
SIS Sales Implementation Specialist
SISD Single-Instruction Stream, Single-Data Stream
SIT Special Information Tones
SITA Societe Internationale Telecommunications Aeronautiques
SIU Shelf Interface Unit
SJF Shortest Job First
SKIP Skip Control
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLAM Simulation Language for Alternative Modeling
SLATTS Selected Line and Trunk Translations System
SLC Speech Link Connector
SLC Speech Link Connector (frame)
SLC Subscriber Line Carrier
SLC Subscriber Line Charge
SLE Screen List Editing
SLIM Subscriber Loop Interface Module
SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol
SLL Switched Logical Link
SLR Simple LR (Left-to-Right, Rightmost)
SLS Single-Line Sets
SLS Switch Load Software
SLU Subscriber Line Usage
SM Switching Module
SMART Service Management Analysis and Reporting Tool
SMAS Switch Metallic Access System
SMASE Systems Management Application Service Element
SMB Server Message Block
SMC Switch Management Center
SMC System Management Center
SMCIS System Management Center Information System
SMDR Station Message Detail Recording
SMDS Switched Multimegabit Data Service
SME Subject Matter Expert
SME Subject Matter Expert (IS)
SMF Systems Management Function
SMFA System Management Functional Area
SMG Super Master Group
SMIS Society for Management Information Systems
SMN System Message Number
SMO System Management Operations
SMP Switching Module Processor
SMP System Management Plan
SMPTU Switching Module Processor and Time Slot Interchange Unit
SMPU Switching Module Processor Unit
SMPU2 Switching Module Processor Unit – Model 2
SMRT Signal Message Rate Timing
SMS Switch Maintenance Subsystem
SMS 800 Service Management System/800
SMSA Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area
SMTP Simple Mail Transport Protocol
SMTP Simplified Message Transfer Protocol
SN Service Node
SNA System Network Architecture
SNA System Network Architecture
SNADS SNA Distribution Services
SNAP Standard Network Access Protocol
SNC Service Node Controller
SNI Subscriber Network Interface
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
SNOCC Satellite Network Operations Control Center (NOCC)
SNPA Serving Number Plan Area
SNR Signal to Noise Ratio
SNS Switched Network Server
SNS Switched Network Server
SO Service Order
SO Serving Office
SOACS Service Order Administration Control System
SOAP Symbolic Optimizer and Assembly Program
SOC Service Oversight Center
SOE Service Order Entry
SOE Standard Operating Environment
SOEM Service Order Entry Management
SOH Start of Header (Bisync control character)
SOLVER System for On-line Verification of Errors
SONET Synchronous Optical Network
SONET Synchronous Optical Network (NOCC)
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SOR Successive Overrelaxation
SORD Service Ordering Retrieval and Distribution
SOS Service Order Subsystem
SOS Share Operating System
SOS System Operation Status
SOST Special Operator Service Traffic
SOST Special Operator Service Traffic
SOT Small Office Terminal
SOTS Service Order Tracking System
SOW Statement of Work
SP Signal (or Signaling) Processor
SP Signal Point
SP Spare
SP Structured Programming
SPA Systems and Procedures Association
SPARC Scaleable Processor Architecture
SPARC Standard Planning and Requirements Committee
SPB Special Billing Number
SPC Single Point Connection
SPC Southern Pacific Communications
SPC Statistical Process Control
SPC Stored Program Control(led)
SPCD Statistical Process Control Data (MFG)
SPCS Stored Program Control System
SPD Summary Plan Description
SPDF Supplemental Personal Data Form (HR)
SPE Switch Processing Element
SPEF Special Pricing Evaluation Form
SPL Simple Programming Language
SPLTS Special Private Line Telephone System
SPM Switching and Processing Module
SPOC Single Point of Contact
SPOOL Simultaneous Peripheral Operations On Line
SPP Semipostpay
SPP Standard Practice Procedures
SPR Software Problem Report
SPRB Special Pricing Review Board
SPSLT Spare Select
SPSS Switched Packet Switched Services
SQC System Quality Conformance
SQD Signal Quality Detector
SQL Structured Query Language
SQL Structured Query Language
SQUID Superconducting Quantum Interference Device
SR Service Representative
SR Service Request (IS, PM)
S-R Set-Reset (Flip-Flop)
SRAS Special Routing Access Service
SRC Spiral Redundancy Checking
SRL Singing Return Loss
SRS Service Request System
SRS System Requirements Specifications
SRT Station Ringer Test
SRTF Shortest Remaining Time First
SRTU Serial Remote Terminal Unit
SRU Shared Resource Unit
SRU Shared Resource Unit
SS Silver Spring central office
SS Special Services
SS7 Signaling System No. 7
SS7MS Signaling System #7 Management System
SSA Social Security Administration
SSB Single Sideband Modulation
SSB-SC/AM Single Sideband, Suppressed Carrier Amplitude Modulation
SSC Special Services Center
SSC System Control Center
SSCC Special Services Control Center
SSCITS Switched Services Customer Initiated Testing System
SSDP Secondary Service Delivery Point
SSDS System Status Display Screen
SSE System Supervisor Equipment
SSE Systems Support Engineering
SSEC Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator
SSG Special Service Group
SSI Small-Scale Integration
SSI Standard Serial Interface (AT&T)
SSLPDF Single-Sided Low-Profile Distributing Frame
SSP Scientific Subroutine Package (computers)
SSP Service Switching Point (SS7 application)
SSP Special Service Protection (telecommunications)
SSPPP Special Services Provisioning Performance Plan
SSR System and Signaling Requirements
SSSE Switch Support Systems Engineering
SST Short Supervisory Transition
SSU Shared Storage Unit
SSU System Supervisory Unit
SSUPS Solid State Uninterruptible Power System
ST Signaling Terminal
STA Switch Translation Administration
STAC Switch Technical Assistance Center (NOCC)
STAMP Structural Time Series Analyzer, Modeler and Planner
STAP System Test and Acceptance Plan
STAR Self Testing and Repair (computer)
STAS Switch Technical Assistance Support (NOCC)
STATDM Statistical Time Division Multiplexing
STAT-MUX Statistical Multiplexer
STC Serving Test Center
STD Short Term Disability (HR)
STD Standard
STD Subscriber Trunk Dialing (same as Direct Distance Dialing)
STDM Synchronous Time Division Multiplexing
STDS System Status Display Screen
STE Signaling Terminal Equipment
STE Standard Telephone Equipment
STLWS Supplementary Trunk and Line Work Station
STP Shielded Twisted Pair
STP Signal Transfer Point
STR Selective Trunk Reservation
STR Synchronous Transmit Receive
STRESS Structural Engineering Systems Solver
STRUDL Structural Design Language
STS Sears Technology Services
STS Service Translation Scheme
STS Serving Translation Scheme
STS Shared Tenant Services
STS Source Traffic Separation (DMS-100)
STS Structural Time Series
STU Secure Telephone Unit
STX Start of Text (Bisync control character)
SUS Suspended Service
SVC Switched Virtual Circuit
SVS Switched Voice Service
SWAC Standards Western Automatic Computer
SWAP Software Application Procedure
SWBD Switchboard
SWC Serving Wire Center
SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications
SWR Standard Wave Ratio
SX Simplex signaling
SXS Step-by-Step (switch)
SYNC (or SYN) bit or character used to synchronize a timeframe in a time division multiplex (TDM)
SYSGEN System Generation
SYSMAN Systems Manager

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