Here are the most common telecom acronyms starting with R from the world of computer networking.

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Acronym Description
R&D Research and Development
R&R Roles and Responsibilities
R&SE Research and System Engineering
R/W Read/Write
RA Recorded Announcement
RAC Repair Administration and Completion
RACE Random Access Computer Equipment
RADBS Record Administration Data Base System
RADR Receiver Attachment Delay Recorder
RAF Recorded Announcement Function
RAI Recorded Announcement Interface
RAM Random Access Memory
RAMAC Random Access Method for Accounting and Control
RAMAS Regional Alarm Surveillance Monitoring & Analysis System
RAO Regional Accounting Office
RAO Revenue Accounting Office
RAO Revenue Accounting Office
RAS Required At Site
RASC Residence Accounting Service
RASL Revenue Accounting Subledger
RAU Recorded Announcement Unit (AT&T)
RAU Remote Alarm Unit
RAX Rural Automatic Exchange
RB Reverse Battery
RB Ringback
RBD Remote Buffer Device
RBIC Remote Bus Interface Circuit
RBOCs Regional Bell Operating Companies
RBS Resource Breakdown Structure
RBT Remote Batch Terminal
RBT Ring-Back Tone
RC Recent Change (message)
RC Recent Change Subsystem
RC Regional center
RC/V Recent Change and Verify
RC/VFY Recent Change/Verify
RCC Recovery Control Center
RCC Regional Control Center
RCC Regional Control Center
RCC Remote Cluster Controller
RCE Remote Controller Equipment
RCF Remote Call Forwarding
RCLK Remote Clock
RCLKU Remote Clock Unit
RCMAC Recent Change Memory Administration Center
RCS Routing Control Service
RCT Remote Concentrating Terminal
RCU Radio Channel Unit
RCV Receive
RCVR Receiver
RCVRMF Multifrequency receiver
RD Rotary Dial
RDA Recorded Dictation Access
RDC Regional Data Center
RDC Remote Data Concentrator
RDFI Remote Digital Facilities Interface
RDLTU Remote Digital Line Trunk Unit
RDMS Rapport Relational Database Management System
RDP Rate Demarcation Point
RDPS Reverse Direction Protection Switch
RDPS Reverse Directional Protection Switches (NOCC)
REA Rural Electrification Administration
RECC Regional Emergency Communications Director
REG Range Extender with Gain
REG Regulatory Department
REX Routine Exercise(s)
RF Radio Frequency
RFA Request For Action
RFC Request for Change
RFCA Request For Contract Action
RFI Radio Frequency Interference
RFI Request for Information
RFI Request For Information
RFP Request For Proposal
RFP Request for Proposal(s)
RFQ Request For Quotation
RFQ Request for Quotation(s)
RFS Request for Service
RG Ringing Generator
RHCs Regional Holding Companies
RID Report Identifier
RIF Reduction In Force (HR)
RISC Reduced Instruction Set Chip
RISLU Remote Integrated Services Line Unit
RJE Remote Job Entry
RJE Remote Job Entry
RLC Remote Line Controller
RLCM Remote Line Concentrating Module
RLI Remote Line Interface
RLIN Research Libraries Information Network
RLM Remote Line Module
RLS Release
RLSD Received Line Signal Detector
RLT Released-link Trunk
RMA Request for Manual Assistance
RMA Return Material Authorization
RMAP Remote Memory Administration Position
RMAS Remote Memory Administration System
RMATS Remote Maintenance and Test System
RMB Random Make Busy
RME Remote Maintenance Equipment
RMM Read Mostly Memory
RMM Remote Maintenance Module
RMR Remote Message Register
RMS Remote Register, SD point
RMS Resource Management System
RMS root-mean-square (deviation)
rms root-mean-square (pulse broadening or pulse duration)
RMS Routing Management System
RMS Routing Management System
RNA Ring No Answer
RNC Ring Node Cabinet
RNID Routine Network Inward Dialing
RNMC Regional Network Management Center
RNP Regional Network Provisioning
RNSM Regional Network Service Manager
RO Receive Only
RO/NC Reorder/No Circuit
ROCC Regional Operations Control Center
ROH Receiver Off-hook
ROI Return On Investments
ROM Read-Only Memory
ROP Read-Only Printer
ROP Receive-Only Printer
ROSE Remote Operations Service Element
ROTL Remote Office Test Line
RP Restoration Priority
RP Revertive Pulsing
RPC Recovery Processing Center
RPCA Remotely Programmable Conference Arranger
RPCC Regional PBX/Centrex Coordinator
RPF Recovery Processing Facility
RPG Report Program Generator
RPQ Request for Price Quotation
RPS Rotational Position Sensing
RRTE Reroute Control
RRU Remote Resources Unit
R-S Reset-Set (Flip-Flop)
RS-232 Serial Interface standard
RS-232C Serial Interface standard
RS-232D Serial Interface standard
RSA Remote System Access
RSAT Remote Site Acceptance Test
RSB Remote Service Bureau
RSC Remote Switching Center
RSC Repair Service Bureau
RSC/SO Residence Service Center/Service Order
RSCS Remote Spooling Communication Subsystem
RSE Remote Switching Equipment
RSL Received Signal Level
RSL Requirements Specification Language
RSM Remote Service Module
RSM Remote Switching Module
RSP Rate Stability Plan
RSS Regional Surveillance System
RSS Regional Surveillance System
RSS Regional Switch Surveillance
RSS Remote Switching System
RSU Remote Switching Unit
RSUS Requested Suspension
RT Register Transfer
RT Remote Terminal
RT Reperforator/Transmitter
RT Routine Tasks
RTA Remote Trunk Arrangement
RTA Routing and Terminal Allocation
RTAC Regional Technical Assistance Center
RTE Return to Equity
RTI Route Index
RTL Register-Transistor Logic
RTM Ready to Manufacture
RTM Register Transfer Module
RTNR Ring Tone No Reply
RTOC Residence Telephone Order Center
RTO-IS Ready To Order – In Service
RTR Real Time Reliable
RTRS Real Time Rating System
RTS Reel Tracking System
RTS Reliable Transfer Service
RTS Remote Test System
RTS Remote Testing System
RTS Request to Send
RTS Return to Service
RTSM Revenue Treasury Systems Management
RTX Request to Transmit
RVA Recorded Voice Announcement
RVT Revertive (signaling)
RWA Remote Workstation Adaptor
RWC Remote Workstation Controller
RWD Release When Done
RXC Receive Controller

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