Here are the most common telecom acronyms starting with P from the world of computer networking.

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Acronym Description
P Profile dispersion parameter
P(RRIMA) Probability of a Reliability Related Ineffective Machine Attempt
P.L. Public Law
P/AR Peak to Average Ratio
P/M Price/Multiple
P3 Primavera Project Planner
PA Product Assurance
PABX Private Automatic Branch Exchange
PACE Program for Arrangement of Cables and Equipment
PAD Packet Assembler/Disassembler
PAF Personnel Action Form (HR)
PAL Phase Alternation by Line
PAL Programmable Array Logic
PAL Purpose, Agenda, Limit
PAM Pulse Amplitude Modulation
PAMA Pulse Address Multiple Access
PAMS Plant Assignment Management System
PAMS Preselected Alternate Master Slave
PAQS Provisioning and Quotation System
PAR Peak to Average Ratio
PAR Personalized Address Response (VMX system)
PARB Problem Assistance and Reports Branch
PARIS Personalized Audio Routing and Information System
PAT Precedence Access Threshold
PATX Private Automatic Telex Exchange
PAX Private Automatic Exchange
PBH Peak Busy Hour
PBHC Peak Busy Hour Call
PBS Public Building Service
PBT Piggyback twister
PBX Private Branch Exchange
PC Peg Count
PC Peripheral Control subsystem
PC Peripheral Control(ler)
PC Personal Computer
PC Phase Corrector
PC Primary center
PC Process Check
PCA Protective Connecting Arrangement
PCB Polychlorinated biphenyls
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCB Printed Circuit Board (MFG)
PCB Process Control Block
PCBX Private Computerized Branch Exchange
PCC (or PCCA) Processor Control Cabinet
PCDU Power Control and Distribution Unit
PCFD Power Distribution
PCI Panel Call Indicator (pulsing)
PCI Panel Control Indicator
PCI Protocol Computers, Inc.
PCID Power Control, Interface, and Display
PCM Plug Compatible Mainframe
PCM Pulse Code Modulation
PCN Project Completion Notice
PCP Principal Circuit Pack
PCP Printed Circuit Pack
PCS Plastic Clad Silica
PCSR Parallel Channels Signaling Rate
PCSS Process Control Support Systems (IPF)
PCTCOC Pentagon Consolidated Telecommunications Center Operation Center
PCU Packet Control Unit
PD Partial Dial
PD Post Distributing Frame Circuit
PD Program Description
PD Pulse-Dial
PDA Parameter Data Area
PDC Power Distribution Center
P-D-C-A Plan-Do-Check-Act
PDE Partial Differential Equation
PDF Personal Data Form (HR)
PDG Project Development Guide
PDIT Prefix/feature Digit Interpreter Table
PDL Page Description Language
PDLs Patent Depository Libraries
PDM Product Development Manager
PDM Pulse Duration Modulation
PDN Public Data Network
PDP Programmed Data Processor
PDP Project Development Process
PDR Planned Deviation Request (MFG)
PDRB Product Development Review Board
PDS Premises Distribution System
PDS Program Documentation Standard
PDS Protected Distribution System
PDSC Packet Data Service Center
PDT Programmable Data Terminal
PDU Protocol Data Unit
PEC Planning Engineering Construction
PECC Product Engineering Control Center
PEL Plant Engineering Letter
PERPH Peripherals
PERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique
PF Program Flowchart
PFA Private Facility Access
PFS Party Fully Selective
PG Program Document Index
PGM Program
PGS Pair Gain System
PGTC Pair Gain Test Controller
PH Packet Handler
PH Protocol Handler
PHS Public Health Service
PI Packet Interface
PIAR Post Installation Analysis Report
PIAR Post Installation Audit Report (IS)
PIC Peripheral Interface Cabinet
PIC Peripheral Interface Controller
PIC Primary Interexchange Carrier
PIC cable Polyethylene Insulated Cable
PIC2 Peripheral Interface Controller – Model 2
PICB Peripheral Interface Control Bus
PICS Plug-in Inventory Control System
PIDB Peripheral Interface Data Bus
Pident Program identification
PIN Personal Identification Number
PIN Personal Identification Number
PIN Positive Intrinsic Negative
PIR PTAT-1 Incident Report
PITAP PDN-Integrated T1 Access Partitioning
PIU Path Information Unit
PIU Percent of Interstate Usage
PIU Peripheral Interface Unit
Pixel Picture Element
PL Private Line
PL Private Line
PL/1 Programming Language 1
PLA Programmable Logic Array
PLAMS Private Line Alarm Monitoring System
PLATO Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operation
PLBS Private Line Billing System
PLCP Physical Layer Convergence Protocol
PLL Permanent Logical Link
PLL Phase Locked Loop
PLM Private Line Model
PLM Project Logical Model (IS)
PLN Private Line Network
PLOL Peak Largest Output Level
PLP Plug Up
PLR Pulse Loop Repeater
PLS Premises Lightwave System
PLS Private Line Service (NOCC)
PLSC Private Line Service Center
PLSC Private Line Service Center (NOCC)
PLSD Private Line Service Development (NOCC)
PM Performance Monitoring
PM Peripheral Module
PM Peripheral Module
PM Phase Modulation
PM Preventive Maintenance
PM Proposal Manager
PM Provisioning Manager
PMA Primary Multiplex Analyzer
PMBX Private Manual Branch Exchange
PMEA Program Management Engineering Administration
PMF Process & Methods Facilitator
PMG Production Management Recovery Group
PM-MS Performance Monitoring Management System
PMO Program Manager’s Office
PMOS Positive Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
PMS Phone Meeting Service
PMS Processor-Memory-Switch
PMS Program Management System
PMS Project Management System
PMS Prospect Management System
PMS Public Message Service (telegrams)
PMSC Property Management Service Center
PMU Precision Measurement Unit
PMU Product Marketing Unit
PMX Private Message Exchange
PNC Private Network Code
PND Present Next Digit
PNI Private Network Interface
PNID Precedence Network Inward Dialing
PNO Prefix Network Resource Selector Outbound
PNOD Precedence Network Outward Dialing
PO Purchase Order
POB Peripheral Order Buffer
POC Purchase Option Credit
POF Pending Order File
POI Point of Interface
POL Procedure-Oriented Language (or Problem-Oriented Language)
POP Performance Oriented Practices (Northern Telecom Inc.)
POP Point of Presence
POR Plan of Reorganization
PORTS Portable Recovery Test Set
POS Point of Sale
POS Point of Service
POSIX Portable Operating System Interacting Executive
POT Point of Termination
POTS Plain Ordinary Telephone Service (or Plain Old Telephone Service)
POTS Purchase of Telephone and Services (contract)
PP Peripheral Processor
PP Precedence and Preemption
PP&I Product Planning & Implementation
PPA Planning Project Authorization
PPA Planning Project Authorization
PPA Promotional Pricing Arrangement
PPC Pump Peripheral Controllers
PPD Prompt Payment Discount
P-Phone Proprietary telephone (also Proprietary set) (Usage: P-2009 set, P-2112 set, P-2018 set, and P-36 Add-on Module)
PPL Polymorphic Programming Language
PPM Principal Period of Maintenance
PPM Pulse-Position Modulation
PPP Point to Point Protocol
PPS Packets per Second
PPS Pulses per Second
PPSN Public Packet Switching (or Switched) Network
PR Program Record
PR Purchase Requisition
PRA Prorated Adjustment
PRB Package Ready Billing
PRBS Psuedo-Random Binary Sequence
PRC Postal Rate Commission
PRD Problem Resolution Desk
PRE Protective Reservation Equipment (Northern Telecom Inc. DMS-200)
PRE-IS Pre-In-Service
PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency
PRI Primary Rate Interface
PRIMOS Prime Operating System
PRM Performance Report Message
PRMD Private Domain Name
PRMD Private Management Domain
PROC Processor Circuit
PROM Programmable Read-Only Memory
PROM Prompt Remotely Operated Memory
PROMUS Prompt Remotely Operated Memory Updating System
PROTEL Procedure Oriented Type Enforcing Language
PRP Preroute Peg Count
PRS Problem Reporting System
PRTM Printing Response Time Monitor
PS Permanent Signal
PS Processing Services
PS Program Store
PS Protection Switch
PSA Pushdown Stack Automaton
PSC Packet Switched Cluster
PSC Public Service Commission
PSD Packet-Switched Data
PSD Port Sharing Device
PSDS Public Switched Digital Service
PSE Packet Switching Exchange
PSI PBX Switching Interface
PSIU Packet Switch Interface Unit
PSK Phase Shift Keying
PSL/PSA Problem Statement Language/Problem Specification Analyzer
PSM Power Switch Monitor
PSN Public Switched Network
PSPD Permanent Signal Partial Dial
PSPDN Public Switched Packet Data Network
PSS Packet Switching Service
PSS Packet Switching System
PSS Party Semi-Selective
PST Pair-Selected Ternary
PST Programmed Scan Testing
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
PSU Packet Switching Unit
PSU Power Supply Unit
PSUCOM Packet Switching Unit Common Controller
PSW Program Status Word
PTAT Private Transatlantic Telecommunications
PTAT-1 Private Transatlantic Telecommunications Cable #1 (NOCC)
PTF Production Testing Facility
PTM Pulse Time Modulation
PTN Public Telephone Network
PTO Patents and Trademarks Office (U.S. Department of Commerce)
PTP Point-to-Point
PTS Per Trunk Signaling
PTS Public Telephone Service
PTT Post, Telephone & Telegraph
PTU Program Tape Unit (circuit)
PTY Party
PUC Peripheral Unit Controller
PUC Public Utility Commission
PUFFT Purdue University Fast Fortran Compiler
PV PrimaVision (Primavera software)
PVC Permanent Virtual Circuit
PVLCC Present Value Life Cycle Cost
PVOL Peak Virtual Output Level
pW Picowatt
PWM Pulse Width Modulation
PWR Power
PX Private Exchange

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