Here are the most common telecom acronyms starting with N from the world of computer networking.

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Acronym Description
N(B+D) Number of B and D channels
N00 700, 800, 900 Core Team
N00 800 Routing Control
N-2000 IBM PC Terminal Adapter
N-3000 Conferencing Unit
N-4000 NT1 Interface
NA Network Administration Department
NA Numerical Aperture
NABRB National Accounts Business Review Board
NAC Network Access Computer
NAC Network Administration Center
NAC Network Administrative Computer
NAC Network Applications Center (Northern Telecom Inc. DMS-100)
NACC National Accounts Control Center
NACMS Network Administrative Computer Management System
NACPS National Account Customer Profile System
NAD National Accounts Division – obsolete USS division (S)
NADP North American Dialing Plan
NAE National Accounts Engineering
NAG Numerical Algorithms Group
NAK Negative acknowledgment (Bisync control character)
NAM National Account Manager
NAM National Account Manager (S)
NAM Network Access Method
NAN No Action Necessary
NAND Not and
NANP North American Numbering Plan
NAP Network Access Pricing
NAP Network Administrative Processor
NAPI Numbering/Addressing Plan Identifier
NAPS National Accounts Proposal System
NAS North American Standard
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASC Number Administration Service Center
NASD Network Administrative Systems Development
NASM National Account Service Manager
NATA North American Telecommunications Association
NATS National Activity to Test Software
NAU Network Access Unit
NAU Network Addressable Unit
NAUCS Network Access Usage And Cost System
NBD Non-Business Day
NBD Normal Business Day
NBD Not Been Determined
NBH Network Busy Hour
NBLH Network Blockage in Heavy Traffic
NBLN Network Blockage in Normal Traffic
NBS National Bureau of Standards
NC Network Clock
NC Network Connect
NC Network Connection
NC Network Crosspoint (shelf)
NC signal No Circuit signal
NCA National Command Authority
NCC National Computer Conference
NCC Network Control Center
NCC Network Control Center (NOCC)
NCD Network Call Distributor
NCD Noncheck Dummies
NCD Number of Calls Delayed
NCEFT National Commission on Electronic Funds Transfers
NCH Number of Calls Handled
NCLIS National Commission on Libraries and Information Science
NCLK Network Clock
NCLK2 Network Clock – Model 2
NCOS Network Class of Service
NCP Network Control Point
NCP Network Control Program
NCR National Capital Region
NCR National Cash Register
NCR Number of Calls Received
NCRT No Circuit Route Treatment
NCS National Communications System
NCSOC National Communications System Operations Center
NCT Network Control and Timing
NCTE Network Channel Terminating Equipment
NCU Network Clock Unit
NDC No Double Connection
NDCS Network Data Control System
NDD Network Descriptive Database
NDI Network Development Integration
NDL Network Development Laboratory
NDRO Non-Destructive Readout
NDSS Network Decision Support System
NDT Net Data Throughput
NDV Network Development Validation
NE Network Element
NEA National Endowment of the Arts
NEBS New Equipment Building Systems (or Standards)
NEC National Electrical Code
NECC National Emergency Control Center
NED Network Element Diagnostic
NEG Data Network Recovery Group
NEP Noise Equivalent Power
NES Noise Equivalent Signal
NESC National Electrical Safety Code
NET Network
NetBIOS Network Basic Input Output System
NETC Network Frame Plane Combined
NETMAN Network Management
NETS National Emergency Telecommunications System
NETS National Emergency Telephone System
NEWT Network Engineer Workstation Tool (CN)
NEWT Network Engineering Workstation Tool
NFAD Network Features Advanced Development
NFAH National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities
NFD Network Facility Design
NFE Network Facility Engineer
NFI Network Facilities Implementation
NFMS Network Facility Management System
NFPA National Fire Protection Association
NHM Network Health Monitor
NI Network Interface (shelf)
NIA Network Interface Adapter
NIATECH Network Integration Of Advanced Technologies
NIC Network Interface Card
NID Network Information Database
NID Network Interface Development
NID Network Interface Device
NIH National Institutes of Health
NIM Network Interface Machine
NIOD Network Inward and Outward Dialing
NIP Network Interface Processor
NIP Nucleus Intialization Program
NIS Network Information System
NIS Network Inventory System
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NIU Network Interface Unit
NLDM Network Logical Data Manager
NLP Nonlinear Programming
NLT No Line Insulation Test
nm Nanometer
NM Network Management
NM Network Management
NM Network Module
NMA National Micrographics Association
NMA Network Monitoring and Analysis
NMC Network Management Center
NMC Network Message Controller
NMC Network Message Controller
NMC Network Module Controller
NMCC National Military Command Center
NMCC Network Management Command and Control (NOCC)
NMCC Network Management Command and Control System
NMCC Network Management Control Center (NOCC)
NMCCP Network Management and Control Center Peripherals (NOCC)
NMCCS Network Management and Control Center System (NOCC)
NMCR Network Management and Control Room (NOCC)
NMIS Network Management Information System
NMIS Network Management Information System
N-MOS (NMOS) Negative Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
NMOS (N-MOS) Negative Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
NMP Next Milestone Plan (IS)
NMS Network Management System
NMSG Network Management Services Group
NNI Network to Network Interface
NNMC Naval National Medical Center
NNX Near Number Exchange
NNX Network Number Exchange
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOC Network Operations Center
NOCC Network Operations Control Center(generic)
NOD Network Outward Dialing
NOH No Receiver Off-Hook Tone
NOMDA National Office Machines Dealers Association
NOMS Network Operating Management System
NOPS New Order Processing System
NORC Naval Ordnance Research Computer
NOS Network Operating System
NOS Network Operations Specialist
NOS Network Optimization System
NOSA Network Operations Service Acceptance
NOSA Notice Of Service Availability
NOTIS Network Operations Trouble Information System
NP New Peripheral
NP Nondeterministic Polynomial
NPA Numbering Plan Area
NPC Network Policy Council
NPC Network Processing Cards
NPC North Pacific Cable
NPD Network Protection Device
NPL Network Planning Letter
NPO Network Provisioning Organization
NPSI Network Control Program Packet Switching Interface
NQD Network Quality Department
NRAG Network Ring Again
NRC National Repair Center
NRC Non-recurring Charge
NRC Non-Recurring Charge
NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRL Naval Research Laboratory
NRRD National Repair and Return Depot
NRS Network Resource Selector
NRZ Nonreturn to Zero
NRZI Nonreturn to Zero Inverted
NS Network Server
NSA National Security Agency
NSA Network Support Area
NSA Network Switch Administration
NSAP Network Service Access Point
NSC National Service Center
NSC National Status Center
NSC Network Speed Calling
NSC Network Status Center
NSCS Network Service Center System
NSD National Sales Division
NSD Network Systems Development
NSEC Nanosecond
NSEP National Security and Emergency Preparedness
NSEP Network Switching Engineering Practices
NSF National Science Foundation
NSF Network Specific Facility
NSG Network Services Group
NSI Network Services, Inc. (Bell Atlantic)
NSM Network Service Manager
NSMS Network Status and Monitoring System
NSMS Network Staus and Monitoring System
NSO National Service Organization (CS)
NSP Network Service Processor
NSP Network Services Platform (DATAP)
NSPD Network Systems Planning and Development
NSPDC Network Systems and Product Demonstration Center
NSPDM Network Systems Planning and Development Methodology
NSPI New Services Planning and Implementation
NSPMP Network Switching Performance Measurement Plan
NSS National Surveillance System
NSS Network Support Systems
NSS Network Surveillance System
NSSD Network Support Systems Development
NSSDM Network Support Systems Development Methodology
NSTAC National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee
NSV Network Surveillance System
NSWC Naval Surface Warfare Center
NT Network Termination
NT1 Network Termination – Type 1 (Basic ISDN U to T interface; U = loop interface; T = terminal to network)
NTAC National Technical Assistance Center
NTAC Network Technical Assistance Center
NTAS Network Traffic Accounting System
NTC National Training Center
NTEC National Telecommunications Education Committee
NTI Network Terminating Interface
NTI Northern Telecom Inc.
NTI Northern Telecom, Incorporated.
NTIA National Telecommunications Information Administration
NTIS National Technical Information Service
NTISSI National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Instruction
NTISSP National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Policy
NTMS National Telecommunications Management System
NTN Network Terminal Number
NTP Network Transition Plan
NTP Northern Telecom Practices
NTP Northern Telecom Practices
NTPF Number of Terminals Per Failure
NTS Nodal Timing Supply
NTSC National Television Standards Committee (video standards)
NTTMP Network Trunk Transmission Measurement Plan
NTU Network Terminating Unit
NUC Nailed-Up Connection
NUI Network User Identifier
NUI Network User Identifier
NVS Network Voice Services
NVT Network Virtual Terminal
NWM Network Management
NWS Network Scheduling
NWTP Network WATS Term Plan
NXX A three-digit code assigned to an NPA
NYNEX New York Telephone and New England Telephone (Regional Holding Company)

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