Here are the most common telecom acronyms starting with M from the world of computer networking.

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Acronym Description
M Material Dispersion Parameter
M/W Microwave
MA Maintenance actions
MA Maintenance Administrator
MA Mechanized Mapper Assigner
MA Metallic Access
mA Milliampere
MAB Metallic Access Bus
MAC Machine-Aided Cognition (or Man and Computer)
MAC Media Access Control
MAC Medium Access Control
MACS Mechanized Assignment and Control System
MACS Moves, Adds, Changes (to workstations or other environmental/facility issues)
MADN Multiple Appearance Directory Number
MADU Multimount Asynchronous Data Unit
MAE Major Account Executive (S)
MAF Major Account Facility
MAG Major Accounts Group (S)
MAG Data Major Accounts Group – Data
MAGIC Multidimensional Applications and Gigabit Working Consortium
MAIU Multiple Access Interface Unit
MAN Manual service
MAN Metallic Access Network
MAN Metropolitan Area Network
MAP Maintenance and Administration Position
MAP Manufacturing Automation Protocol (General Motors)
MAPI Messaging Application Programming Interface
MAPSS Maintenance Analysis Plan for Special Service
MAR Major Account Representative (S)
MAR Memory Access Register
MAR Memory Address Register
MARC Machine-Readable Cataloging
MARCS Mechanized Assignment and Record Conversion System
MARI Mileage And Rate Information
MARS Multi-user Archival Retrieval System
MAS Main Store
MAS Management Analysis System
MASA Main Store Array
MASC Main Store Controller
MASC Multiple Award Schedule Contract
MASER Microwave Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation
MAT Multiple Access Station Rearrangement Training
MATR Minimum Average Time Requirement
MAU Math Accelerator Unit
MaxCT Maximum Corrective Maintenance Time
MB Megabyte
MB Megabyte or 106bytes
MBA Management Billing Advantage (SM)
MBE Molecular Beam Epitaxy
MBE Multibutton Telephone Equipment
MBKS Multibutton Key Services
MBKU Multibutton Key Telephone Unit
MBO Management by Objective
Mbps Megabits per Second
Mbps Megabits per Second
MBQ Modified Biquinary Code
MBT Make Blocked Trunk list
MBU Maintenance Busy
MC Management Center
MC Module Control
MC Module Controller
MCA Multiple Call Appearances
MCC Maintenance Control Center
MCC Maintenance Control Circuit
MCC Master Control Console
MCC Microelectronics Computer and Technology Corporation
MCCS Mechanized Call Card Service
MCCS Mechanized Calling Card Service
MCH Malicious Call Hold
McIAS Multichannel Intercept Announcement System (Cognitronics)
MCM Multicarrier Modulation
MCP Master Control Program
MCP Memory Card Present
MCR Move, Change, and Rearrangement
MCS Management Center System
MCS Microprocessor Controlled System
MCT Mean Corrective Maintenance Time
MCTSI Module Controller/Time Slot Interchanger
MCU Module Control Unit
MCVF Multi-Channel Voice Frequency
MCW Memory Card Writer
MCW Modulated Continuous Wave
MD Manufacture Discontinued
MD Multiple Dissemination
MDA Manufacturing Defect Analyzer (MFG)
MDC Message and Device Controller
MDF Main Distributing (Distribution) Frame
MDII Machine Detected Interoffice Irregularities
MDM Modular Data Module
MDNS Managed Data Network Services
MDR Message Detail Record(ing)
MDS Methods Development Standards
MDS Modular Documentation System
MDS Multiple Dataset System
MDT Mean Downtime
MDT Modular Display Telephone
MDW Military District-Washington
MEB Mate Exchange Bus
MEDLARS Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System
Megabyte 106bytes
MELD Mechanized Engineering and Layout of Distributing Frame
MEP Market Expansion Program
MER Most Economical Routing
MERS Most Economical Route Selection
MES Multiline Electronic Sets
METL Mechanized Equipment Test List
METS Mobile Equipment Tracking System
MEU Memory Expansion Unit
MEX Memory Extension
MF Mediation Function
MF Multifrequency
MFC Modular Feature Customization
MFC Multi-Function Controller
MFJ Modified Final Judgment
MFLOPS Million Floating Point Operations Per Second
MFOS Multifunction Operations System
MFR Multifrequency Ringing
MFT Metallic Facility (ies) Terminal
MFT Multiprogramming with a Fixed Number of Tasks
MG Master Group
MHD Moving Head Disk
MHz Megahertz
MI Message Interface
MI2 Message Interface – Model 2
MIB Management Information Base
MIB Message Interchange Bus
MIB Message Interface Bus
MIB Metallic Interface Bus
MIBC Message Interchange Bus Controller
MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
MICU Message Interface and Clock Unit
MICU Message Interface Control Unit
MIDAC Michigan Digital Automatic Computer
MIDAS Multiple Indexed Data Access System
MIL Military
MILPERCEN Military Personnel Center
MIMD Multiple-Instruction Stream, Multiple-Data Stream
MIMR Magnetic Ink Mark Recognition
MIP Marketing Information Packet
MIP Medium Interface Point
MIPS Million Instructions Per Second
MIS Management Information System
MIS Marketing Information System
MIS Miscellaneous Bay
MISC Miscellaneous
MISD Multiple-Instruction Stream, Single-Data Stream
MIU Multistation Interface Unit
MLH Multiline Hunting
MLHG Multiline Hunt Group
MLI Message Link Interface
MLL Monthly Leased Lines System
MLN Main Listed Number
MLPP Multilevel Precedence and Preemption
MLSS Machine Load Service Summary
MLT Mechanized Loop Test(ing)
MM Memory Module
MM Model Management (IS)
MMCS Materials Management Customer Service
MMIS Materials Management Inventory System
MML Man-Machine Language
MMOC Minicomputer Maintenance Operation Center
MMP Maintenance Management Plan
MMP Module Message Processor
MMR Manual Material Request (MFG)
MMRG Minimum Monthly Revenue Guarantee
MMRSM Multimode Remote Switching Module
MMRSM Multimodule Remote Switching Module
MMS Maintenance Management Subsystem
MMS Material Management Services
MMSU Modular Metallic Service Unit
MMSU Modular Metallic Service/Switch Unit
MMU Memory Management Unit
MNCS Multipoint Network Control System
MNP Microcom Networking Protocol
MOCVD Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition
Modem Modulator-demodulator
MOL Material On Loan
MOL Maximum Order Limit
MOP Method of Procedure
MOP Method of Procedure
MOR Mini-Output Report
MOR Monthly Operating Report (MFG)
MOS Metal(lic)-Oxide Semiconductor
MOSFET Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
MOU Minutes of Use
MOY Month Of Year
MP Master Processor
MP Module Processor
MPA Manufacturing Program Analysis
MPCC Multi-Protocol Communications Controller
MPG Microwave Pulse Generator
MPL Multischedule Private Line
MPM Modem Pool Member
MPOP Minimum Point of Penetration
MPP Multiprotocol Switching PAD
MPR Monthly Performance Report (MFG)
MPR Multiplex Project Requirements
MPS Message Processing System
MPS Message Processing System (B)
MPSC Multi-Protocol Serial Controller
MPTA Modem Pool Terminal Adapter
MPU Microprocessing Unit
MQ Modular Queuing
MQ Multiplier-Quotient
MQR Multiplier-Quotient Register
MR Modification Request
MRA Material Return Authorization
MRB Material Review Board (MFG)
MRC Monthly Recurring Charge
MRC Monthly Recurring Charge
MRS Management Reporting System
MRT Mean Recovery Time
MRT Mean Restoral Time
MS Main Station
MS Management Services
MS Management System (Suntel C3 computer system)
MS Master Scanner circuit
MS Microprocessor System
ms Milliseconds
MS Module Structure
MSB Make Set Busy
MSB Message Signaling Buffer
MSB Message Switch and Buffer (or Message Switch Buffer)
MSB Message Switch Buffer
MSB Most Significant Bit (or byte)
MSBI Make Set Busy, Intragroup
MSC Message Switch Control
MSCU Message Switch Control Unit
MSCU2 Message Switch Control Unit – Model 2
MSE Marketing Support Engineering
MSG Message
MSG Message Switch
MSGS Message Switch
MSGS2 Message Switch Model 2
MSI Medium-Scale Integration
MSIA Management Specific Information Area
MSK Minimum Shift Keyed Modulation
MSL Maintenance Stocking Location
MSLPU Medium Speed Line Processing Unit
MSNF Multisystem Networking Facility
MSPU Message Switch Peripheral Unit
MSPU2 Message Switch Peripheral Unit Model 2
MSPU3 Message Switch Peripheral Unit Model 3
MSR Monthly Status Review
MSS Mass Storage System
MSS Message Service System
MSU Metallic Service Unit
MSUDC Michigan State University Discrete Computer
MT Machine Translation
MTA Message Transfer Agent
MTA Message Transport Address
MTA Metallic Access Network (Northern Telecom DMS-100)
MTA Metallic Test Access
MTAS Mechanized Trouble Analysis System
MTB Metallic Test Bus
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTBO Mean Time Between Outages
MTBPM Mean Time Between Preventive Maintenance
MTC Master Terms and Conditions
MTD Magnetic Tape Drive
MTE Mobile Telephone Exchange
MTF Material Transfer Form
MTF Mean Time to Failure
MTF Modulation Transfer Function
MTIB Metallic Test Interconnect Bus
MTIB Metallic Test Interface Bus
MTL Minimum Termination Liability
MTM Maintenance Trunk Module
MTM Maintenance Trunk Monitor
MTN Maintenance
MTN Message Transfer Network
MTP Message Transfer Part
MTP Message Transfer Part (SS7)
MTP Monitor Terminal Process
MTR Mechanized Time Reporting
MTS Measured Telephone Service Core Team
MTS Message Telecommunications Service
MTS Message Toll Service
MTS Message Transport Service
MTS Michigan Terminal System
MTS Mobile Telephone Service
MTSR Mean Time to Service Restoral
MTTF Mean Time to Failure
MTTF Mean Time To Fix
MTTI Mean Time To Investigate
MTTN Mean Time To Notify
MTTR Mean Time to Repair
MTTR Mean Time to Respond
MTTR Mean Time to Restore
MTTYPC Maintenance Teletypewriter Peripheral Controller
MTU Magnetic Tape Unit
MTU Metallic Test Unit
MTX Mobile Telephone Exchange
MU Message Unit
MUF Maximum Usable Frequency
MUG Manual Users Group
muldem Multiplexer/demultiplexer
MULTICS Multiplexed Information and Computer Service
MUMR Multi-Unit Message Rate
MUPH Multiposition Hunt
MUX Multiplexer
MVP Multiline Variety Package
MVS Multiprogramming with Virtual Storage
MVT Multiprogramming with a Variable Number of Tasks
MW Megawatt (electrical)
MW Megaword
MWI Message Waiting Indicator

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