Here are the most common telecom acronyms starting with L from the world of computer networking.

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Acronym Description
L Radiance (or spectral radiance)
L&T Line and Trunk
L5 Long haul coaxial carrier system
LA Listed Address
LABS LATA-wide Business Services
LAD LATA Architecture Database
LADC Local Area Data Channel
LADS LATA Architecture Database System
LADS Local Area Data Service
LADT Local Area Data Transport
LALR Lookahead LR (Left-to-Right, Rightmost)
LAMA Local Automatic Message Accounting
LAN Local Area Network
LAP Link Access Procedure
LAPB Link Access Protocol B (or Link Access Procedure for the B channel)
LAPD Link Access Protocol D (or Link Access Procedure for the D channel)
LARC Livermore Automatic Research Computer
LASS Local Area Signaling Service
LATA Local Access and Transport Area (regional calling area)
LaTS Langley Research Center Telecommunications System
LAW Legal Department
LBA Linear Bounded Automaton
L-band 390 MHz to 1550 MHz
LBO Line Build-Out network
LBR Large Business Remote
LBS Load Balance System
LC Last Completed
LC Loop Closure
L-carrier A family of coaxial cable transmission systems
LCB Line Control Block
LCC Line Class Code
LCC Link Control Card (Northern Telecom Inc.)
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LCDM Logarithmic Companded Delta Modulation
LCDR Local Call Detail Recording
LCE Line Concentrating Equipment
LCGN Logical Channel Group Number
LC-I Line Concentrator-Identifier system
LCM Line Concentrating Module
LCN Logical Channel Number
LCN Logical Channel Number
LCP Life Cycle Plan
LCP Linked Call Processing
LCR Least Cost Routing
LCR Line Concentration Ratio
LCR Least Cost Routing
LDA Local Distribution Area
LDIS LEC Data Integration System
LDIT Local Digit Interpreter Table
LDM Limited Distance Modem
LDN Listed Directory Number
LDN Local Distribution Network
LDS Labor Distribution (UTI)
LDS Local Digital Switch(ing)
LDS Logical Data Store (IS)
LDSU Local Digital Service Unit
LDSU1 Local Digital Service Unit – Model 1
LDSU2 Local Digital Service Unit – Model 2
LDV Local Distribution Vendor
LEAS LATA Equal Access System
LEC Local Exchange Carrier
LED Light Emitting Diode
LEN Line Equipment Number
LF Line Feed
LF Low Frequency (below 3 MHz)
LFU Least Frequently Used
LG Location Group
LG Logic Ground
LGC Line Group Controller
LGE Line Group Equipment
LI Line Interface
LIFO Last In-First Out
LIM Line Interface Module
LINC Laboratory Instrument Computer
LISP List Processing
LIT Line Insulation Test
LIU Link Interface Unit
LLC Line Load Control
LLC Logical Line Control
LLC Lower Level Compatibility
LLF Line Link Frame
LLL Low Level Logic
LLN Line Link Network
LM Line Module
LMC LAN Maintenance (or Management) Center
LMC Line Module Controller
LME Line Module Equipment
LMF Language Media Format
LMI Local Management Interface
LMOS Loop Maintenance Operations System
LMU Line Monitoring Unit
LMU Line Monitoring Unit
LNA Launch Numerical Aperture
LNA Low Noise Amplifier
LNI Line Interface (cabinet or frame)
LNNMS LattisNet Network Management System
LO Line Occupancy
LOA Leave of Absence (HR)
LOB Line of Business
Locap Low-capacity, low-loss paired cable
LOD Line Hunt Overflow to a Directory number
LOE Level of Effort
LOE Level of Effort
LOGUTIL Output reporting system
LOI Letter Of Intent
LOR Line Hunt Overflow to a Route
LOS Loss of Signal
LP Linear Programming
LP Local Processor
LP mode Linearly Polarized mode
LPC Linear Predictive Coding
LPCDF Low Profile Conventional Distributing Frame
LPN Local Packet Network
LQA Link Quality Analysis
LRC Local Record Cache
LRC Longitudinal Redundancy Check(ing)
LRU Least Recently Used
LRU Line Replacement Unit
LS Least Squares
LSA Labor Surplus Area
LSB Least significant bit (or byte)
LSBRS Large Scale Business Recovery Services
LSC Line Screening Code
LSD Line Sharing Device
LSDU Low Speed Data Unit
LSF Line Switch Frame
LSI Large Scale Integration (ed) (circuit)
LSI Loop Start Incoming
LSO Loop Start Outgoing
LSR Loop Signaling Repeater
LSSGR Local Switching System General Requirements
LSTTL Low-Power Schottky Transistor-Transistor Logic
LSU Lone Signal Unit
LT Logic Theorist
LTC Line Test Center
LTC Line Trunk Controller
LTC Local Test Cabinet
LTD Local Telephone Division (UTI)
LTD Local Test Desk
LTD Long Term Disability (HR)
LTE Lightwave Terminating Equipment
LTE Line Terminating Equipment
LTF Lightwave Terminating Frame (MX3C/FT3C)
LTMA Lightwave Terminating Multiplex Assembly
LTOP Lease to Ownership Plan
LTP Line Test Position
LTP Line Trunk Peripheral
LTP Logical Test Port
LTPU Logical Test Port Unit
LTRS Letters shift
LTS Loop Test Subsystem (or Loop Testing System)
LTTS Line and Trunk Test Station
LTU Line Terminating Unit
LTU Line Test Unit
LTWS Line and Trunk Work Station
LU Line Unit
LU1 Line Unit 1
LU2 Line Unit 2
LU3 Line Unit 3
LWOP Lease With Option To Purchase
LXN Local Exchange Network

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