Here are the most common telecom acronyms starting with I from the world of computer networking.

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Acronym Description
I&M Installation and Maintenance
I/O Input/Output
IA Information Architecture (IS)
IAC Integrated Access Controller
IAC Intracalling
IAG International Applications Group (of IFIP)
IAL Immediate Action Limits
IAL International Algebraic Language
IAM Integrated Access Module
IAML Intraoffice Matching Loss
IAO Intraoffice
IAOG International Administration Management Domain Operator’s Group
IAPR International Association for Pattern Recognition
IAR Initial Assessment Report
IASA Integrated AUTODIN System Architecture
IASC Information Assets Security Committee
IASC International Association for Statistical Computing
IAT Inter – Application Testing
IAW In Accordance With
IBI Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics
IBM International Business Machines
IBN Integrated Business Network (Northern Telecom Inc.)
IBS Interim Billing System (FANASD)
IBX InteCom, Inc., switch (trademark)
IC Instruction Counter
IC Integrated Circuit
IC Interexchange Carrier
IC InterLATA Carrier
ICA Installation Configuration Audit
ICA Intelligent Communications Adapter
ICA International Communications Association
ICA Irreversible Corrective Action
ICADS Integrated Code Abuse and Detection System
ICARB Integrated Customer and Revenue Billing
ICARR Integrated Customer and Revenue Reporting
ICB Individual Case Basis (or Based)
ICB Intelligent Channel Bank
ICC Insite Customer Control
ICC International Computer Center
ICD International Code Designator (four-digit prefix/ISO)
ICI Incoming Call Identification
ICI Intercarrier Interface
ICI ISDN Call Identification
ICL International Computers Ltd.
ICL Inter-Remote Switching Module Communication Link(s)
ICL Inter-RSM Communication Link(s)
ICLID Individual Calling Line Identification
ICM Intercom
ICM International Communications Management
ICM International Connections Manager
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICP International Computer Programs
ICSC Interexchange Carrier Service Center
ICT Incoming Trunk
ICT International Computers and Tabulators
ID Identification
ID Individualized Dialing
ID Isolation Diagrams
IDC Insulation Displacement Connection
IDC International Data Corporation
IDCU Integrated Digital Carrier Unit
IDDD International Direct Distance Dial
IDDD International Direct Distance Dialing
IDEN Incoming Data Enable (signal)
IDF Integrated Demand Forecast
IDF Intermediate Distributing Frame
IDFT Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform
IDN Integrated Digital Network
IDN Integrated Digital Network (NOCC)
IDP Individualized Dialing Plan
IDR Intermediate Data Rate
IDS Integrated Data Store
IE Information Engineering
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IEEE-CS Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers – Computer Society
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IEW Information Engineering Workbench
IEX Incoming Exclusion Screening
IF Identification Failure
IF Intermediate Frequency
IFAC International Federation of Automatic Control
IFB Invitation for Bid(s)
IFCPC Interoffice Facilities Current Planning Center
IFIP International Federation for Information Processing
IFL Interfacility Link
IFM Installation Force Management
IFORS International Federation of Operational Research Societies
IFP International Facility Planner System
IFRB International Frequency Registration Board
IGRP Interior Gateway Rating Protocol
IID Interlocation Intercom Dialing
IIT Incoming Intercept Trunk
ILC Individual Learning Center
ILD Injection Laser Diode
ILLIAC Illinois Automatic Computer
IM Information Management
IM Installation Manual
IM Intensity Modulation
IM Interface Module
IMACS International Association for Mathematics and Computing in Simulation
IMB Incoming Message Buffer
IMC International Maintenance Center – formerly INOC (NOCC)
IMCS Intelligent Micro Control Store
IM-EUS Information Management (End User Services)
IMIA International Medical Informatics Association
IML Incoming Matching Loss
IMLT Integrated Mechanized Loop Test(ing)
IMO Information Management Operations
IMP Implementation
IMP Implementation Management Plan
IMP Infrastructure Modernization Plan (IS)
IMP Interface Message Processor
IMPS Interactive Modeling and Projection System
IMS Information Management System
IMS Inventory Management System
IMS/VS Information Management System/Virtual Storage
IMSL International Mathematical and Statistical Libraries
IMT Inter-Machine Trunks
IMTS Improved Mobile Telephone Service
IN A type of central office trunk
IN Intelligent Network
INA Internal Network Address
INC International Carrier
IND Individual
INDIT Incoming Trunk Preliminary Digit Interpreter Table
INDIV Individual
INDOA International Operator Assisted
INDPS International Network Development Performance System
INE Intermediate Network Element
INETS Interim National Emergency Telecommunications System
INH Inhibit
INL Internode Link
INMS Integrated Network Management Service
INPP Interim Network Practice and Procedure
INT Integration Test
INT Intercom
INT TEST Integration Testing
Intelsat International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium
INTL International
INWATS Inward Wide Area Telecommunications Service
INWG International Network Working Group
I-O channel Part of the input/output system of a computer
IOAMP Inter – Network Operations, Administration, Maintenance & Provisioning
IOC Input/Output Controller
IOC Input/Output Controller (Northern Telecom Inc. DMS-100)
IOC Integrated Optical Circuit
IOC Interoffice Carrier
IOCS Input/Output Control System
IOD Input/Output Devices (Northern Telecom Inc. DMS-100 subsystem frame)
IOE Input/Output Equipment
IOF Interoffice Facilities
IOMI Input/Output Message Interface
IOMI Input/Output Microprocessor Interface (AT&T)
IOP Input/Output Processor
IOS International Operator Services
IOT Interoffice Trunk
IP Instruction Processor
IP Internal Protocol
IPC Information Processing Center
IPCI Integrated Personal Computer Interface
IPL Initial Program Load
IPL International Private Line
IPL International Private Line
ipm Impulses per Minute
ipm Indications per Minute
ipm Interruptions per Minute
IPML Inter-Peripheral Message Link
IPO Initial Public Offering
IPP Installment Purchase Plan
IPR Information and Problem Reports
IPS Information Processing System
IPS Information Products & Services
IPS Invoice Processing System
IPS Invoice Processing System (B)
IPT Initial Programmer Training
IQ Invoice Query
IR Information Retrieval
IR Infrared
IR Initial Requirements
IR Installation Representative
IR Instruction Register
IR Internal Requirement (IS)
IRC International Record Carrier
IRE Institute of Radio Engineers
IRG Inter-Record Gap
IRIA Institut de Recherche d’Informatique et d’Automatique
IRM Office of Information Resources Management (GSA)
IRS Internal Revenue Service
IS Information Systems
IS In-Service
IS Intraconnect Schematics
IS Date In-Service Date
ISA Instrument Society of America
ISA Integrated Systems Architecture
ISA Inward Selected Access
ISAM Indexed Sequential Access Method
ISC Industrial Security Clearance
ISD Integrated Services Document (IS)
ISDD Incoming Start-to-Dial Delay
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISDNUP ISDN User Part (also ISUP and IUP)
ISDP Installed System Documentation Package (IS)
ISLU Integrated Services Line Unit
ISN Integrated Systems Network (AT&T)
ISO Information Systems Organization
ISO International Standards Organization
ISODATA Iterative Self-Organizing Data Analysis Technique
ISP Information Strategy Plan
ISP Instruction Set Processor
ISPS Instruction Set Processor Specifications
ISR Information Service Request
ISR Initial Service Requirements
ISR Initial Sizing Report (IS)
ISR Initial Study Request
ISS Integrated Search System
ISS International Settlement System
ISS International Switching Symposium
ISSMB Information Systems Standards Management Board
ISTF Integrated Services Test Function
ISUP ISDN User Part (also ISDNUP and IUP)
ITA International Trade Administration
ITAP Integrated T1 Access Partitioning
ITB Incoming Trunk Busy
ITDM Intelligent Time Division Multiplex
ITEM International Traffic Exchange Module
ITF Integrated Test Facility
ITFS International Toll Free Service
ITI Idle Trunk Indicator
ITI Interactive Terminal Interface
ITM Information Technology Management
ITPP Interim Technical Practice and Procedures
ITS Integrated Telecom Solutions
ITS International Translations System
ITS Invitation to Send
ITSE Incoming Trunk Service Evaluation
ITSO International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
ITT International Telephone and Telegraph
ITU International Telecommunications Union
ITV Instructional Television
IU Interface Unit
IUP ISDN User Part (also ISDNUP and ISUP)
IVAN International Value Added Network
IVAN International Value Added Networks
IVAS International Value Added Services
IVAS International Value Added Services
IVD Integrated Voice and Data
IVDM Integrated Voice/Data Multiplexer
IVDT Integrated Voice/Data Terminal
IVI Interactive Video Instruction
IVPN International Virtual Private Network (P)
IVR Interactive Voice Response
IW Inside wire
IXC Interexchange Carrier
IXSD International Telex Subscriber Dialing
IXT Interexchange Channel

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