Here are the most common telecom acronyms starting with F from the world of computer networking.

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Acronym Description
F1F2 Frequency designations that permit a type of modem to operate over a half-duplex line
FAC Forced Authorization Code
FACDAT Facility Database
FACS Facsimile
FACSTAT Facility Status Report
FAD Facilities Access Digroup
FADS Force Administration Data System
FAM Federal Account Manager
FANASD Federal and National Accounts Systems Development
FANASID Federal and National Account System Development
FAP Facility Analysis Plan
FAP Fortran Assembly Program
FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation
FARM Facilities Access Routing Model
FAST Field Assistance Support Team
FAX Facsimile
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FC Facility Code
FC Facility Code
FC Feature Control
FCA Farm Credit Administration
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FCFS First Come First Served
FCG False Cross and Ground
FCN Facility Completion Notice
FCO Field Change Order
FCR Facilities Change Request
FCS Financial Control System
FCS Frame Check Sequence
FD Functional Description
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDL Facility Data Link
FDM Frequency Division Multiplexing
FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access
FDX Full Duplex (transmission)
FE Format Effectuation
FEC Forward Error Correcting
FECN Forward Explicit Congestion Notification
FED-STD Federal Standard
FEL Facility Engineering Letter
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEP Front End Processor
FET Field-Effect Transistor
FET photodetector A photodetector employing photogeneration of carriers in the channel region of an FET structure to provide photodetection with current gain
FF Flip-Flop
FFP Firm Fixed Pricing
FFT Fast Fourier Transform
FFU Fuse/Filter Unit
FG Feature Group
FGA Feature Group A
FGB Feature Group B
FGC Feature Group C
FGND Frame Ground
FHD Fixed-Head Disk
FIDB Facilities Interface Data Bus
FIFO First In/First Out
FIG Ignore Flash
FIINA Forum for Irregular International Network Access
FIN Finance Department
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard
FIPS PUB Federal Information Processing Standards Publications
FIR Fault Indication Register
FIRMR Federal Information Resources Management Regulation(s)
FIRST Forum for Incident and Response Security Teams
FIS Fault Isolation System
FIS Field Information System (Food and Drug Administration)
FIT Failure in Time (1 FIT = 1 failure in 109component operating hours)
FIU Facilities Interface Unit
FIVE Feature Interactive Verification Environment
FL Fault Location
FM Frequency Modulation
FMC Federal Maritime Commission
FMR Force Management Reports
FMS Facilities Management System
FMS Facilities Management System
FMS Fortran Monitor System
FMSC Foreign Military Sales Contracts
FNCC Fiber Network Control Center
FNPA Foreign Numbering Plan Area
FNPACONT Foreign Numbering Plan Area Control (Software)
FNT Free Number Terminating
FO Fiber Optics
FOB Federal Office Building
FOB Freight on Board
FOC Fiber Optic Communications
FON Fiber Optic Network
FORTRAN Formula Translation (language)
FOS Foreign Operating System
FOSDIC Film Optical Sensing Device for Input to Computers
FOSM Foreign Operating System Manager
FOT Fiber Optic Terminal
FOTS Fiber Optic Transmission System
FOX Fiber Optic Extender
FPAP Floating Point Array Processor
FPC Foundation Peripheral Control
FPIS Forward Propagation Ionospheric Scatter
FPLA Field Programmable Logic Array
FPM Foundations of Effective Project Management
FPMR Federal Property Management Regulations
FPR Federal Procurement Regulations
FPS Feature Planning Specification
FPS Floating Point Systems
FPS Forms Processing System
FR Flat Rate
FRAC Frame Relay Access Code
FRAF Frame Relay Access Facility
FRD Final Requirements Document (IS)
FRDC Florida Regional Data Center
FRIC Frame Relay Interface Code
FRL Facility Restriction Level
FRR Field Receiving Report
FRSI Frame Relay Switching Interface
FS Functional Schematics
FSAC Field Service Administration Center
FSD Feature Specification Document
FSD Feature Specification Document
FSG-xx Federal Supply Catalog Group
FSK Frequency Shift Keying
FSM Field Service Manager
FSM Finite State Machine
FSO Field Support Operations
FSP Frame Supervisory Panel
FSP Frequency Shift Pulsing
FSR Frequency Selective Ringing
FSS Federal Supply Service (GSA)
FST Factory System Testing
FSTS Federal Secure Telephone Service
FSWC Field Service Work Center
FTAC Federal Technical Assistance Center
FTAC Fiber Technical Assistance Center (NOCC)
FTAM File Transfer and Access Methods
FTAS Fiber Technical Assistance Support (NOCC)
FTMP Fault Tolerant Multiprocessor System
FTMS FTS-2000 Translations Management System
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FTR Files Referenced
FTS Federal Telecommunications System
FTS Federal Telephone System
FTS File Transfer System
FTS 2000 Federal Telecommunications System 2000
FTSC Fault Tolerant Spaceborne Computer
FVO Field Verification Office
FWHM Full width at half maximum
FX Foreign Exchange
FXO Foreign Exchange Office

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