Here are the most common telecom acronyms starting with D from the world of computer networking.

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Acronym Description
D Delivery date
D Destination (lamp)
D channel Delta channel (Packet-switched channel of 16 kbps for either data or signaling)
D conditioning A type of conditioning that controls harmonic distortion and signal-to-noise ratio to specific limits.
D&F Determination and Findings
D* Specific detectivity, “D star” (detector performance figure)
D/A Digital to analog
D1 D Channel Bank
D2 D channel bank
D3 D channel bank
D4 D channel bank
D5 D channel bank
DA Data Analyst (IS)
DA Directory Assistance
DAA Data Access Arrangement
DAB Demand Assigned Bus
DACS Data Acquisition and Control System
DACS Data Administration Control System
DACS Digital Access and Cross-Connect System
DACS Digital Access Control System (NOCC)
DACS Directory Assistance Charge System
DACS Directory Assistance Charging System
DAD DIU Assembler/Disassembler
DAF Dedicated Access Facility
DAF Destination Address Field
DAL Dedicated Access Line
DAL Dedicated Analog Line
DAM Direct Access Method
DAMA Demand Assignment Multiple Access
DANI Dedicated Automatic Numbering Identification
DAP Distributed Array Processor
DAR Defense Acquisition Regulations
DARC Data Analysis and Remote Control
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DAS Digital Analysis
DAS Digital Analysis Selector
DAS Directory Assistance System
DASD Data Accesss Storage Device
DAT Day and Time
DAV Data Above Voice
DAX Data Acquisition and Control
DB Data Base (IS)
dB Decibel
DB800 800 Translations Management System
DB900 900 Translations Management System
DBA Data Base Administrator
DBA Data Base Analyst (IS)
DBEN Data Bus Enable
DBG Diversified Brands Group (S)
DBIB Dual Bus Interface Board
DBM Database Manager (or Management)
dBm Decibels referenced to the milliwatt scale/Power level measurement unit (0 dBm = 1 milliwatt at 1000 Hz terminated by 600 ohms impedence)
DBMS Database Management System
dBrn Decibels above reference noise
dBrnC Weighted noise power in dBrn, measured by a noise measuring set with C-message weighting
DBS Direct Broadcast Satellite
DBTG Data Base Task Group
DBU Dial Back-Up
DC Data Collection
DC Data Communications
DC Design Close
DC Device Controller
DC Direct Connect
dc Direct Current
DC District of Columbia
dc signaling Signaling using direct current
DCA Defense Communications Agency
DCA Digital Computer Association
DCA Document Content Architecture
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCAOC Defense Communications Agency Operations Center
DCC Data Country Code (Four-digit/ISO)
DCC Digital Cross-connect
DCC Document Control Center
DCCS Direct Common Channel Interoffice Signaling
DCD Design Change Document
DCE Data Communications Equipment
DCEC Defense Communications Engineering Center
DCH D Channel Handler
DCI District Cablevision, Inc.
DCIS Destination Common Channel Interoffice Signaling (AT&T)
DCIS Direct Common Channel Interoffice Signaling
DCLU Digital Carrier Line Unit
DCM Digital Carrier Module
DCMS Digital Cross-Connect Management System
DCN Data Communications Network
DCN Data Communications Network
DCO Data Collection Operations
DCO Drafting Change Order
DCON Drafting Change Order Numbers
DCP Data Communication Processor
DCP Database Control Point
DCP Digital Communications Protocol
DCPSK Differentially Coherent Phase Shift Keying
DCPTA Database Control Point Transport Application
DCPU Directed Call Pickup Nonbarge-in
DCR Directory Charge Recording (trunks)
DCS Data Carrier System
DCS Data Control Systems
DCS Defense Communications System
DCS Document Control System
DCSS Digital Conference and Switching System
DCT Design/Code/Test
DCT Digital Carrier Trunk
DCT Discrete Cosine Transform
DCTE Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment
DCTN Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network
DCTS Dimension Custom Telephone Service
DCTU Digital Carrier Trunk Unit
DCTU Directly Connected Test Unit
DD Direct Dialed
DDA Domain Defined Attributes
DDAP Detailed Distribution Area Plans
DDCMP Digital Data Communications Message Protocol (Digital Equipment Corp.)
DDD Digital Drop and Insert
DDD Direct Distance Dialing
DDI Direct Digital Interface
DDL Data Definition Language
DDL Data Definition Language
DDL Derived Data Link
DDM Data Definition Module
DDN Defense Data Network
DDP Distributed Data Processor
DDS Dataphone Digital Service (AT&T trademark)
DDS Digital Data Service (Bell Atlantic trademark)
DDS Digital Data System
DDSBS Duplex Dual Serial Bus Selector
DDSD Delay Dial Start Dial
DDU Disk Drive Unit
DE Discard Eligible
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
DECCO Defense Commercial Communications Office
DEPIC Dual Expanded Polyethylene Insulated Cable
DES Data Encryption Standard
DETAB Decision Table (language)
DF Distribution (ing) Frame
DFA Digital Facilities Access Cabinet
DFARS Department of Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement
DFB Distributed Feedback (laser diode)
DFC Digital Facility Center
DFC Disk File Controller
DFD Data Flow Diagram (IS)
DFI Digital Facility (ies) Interface
DFMS Digital Facility Management System
DFT Discrete Fourier Transform
DFTAC Distributing Frame Test Access Controller
DGMS Data Generation and Management System
DHNR Dynamically Hierarchical Network Routing
DI Data Interface
DI Digital Interface
DI Document Index
DI Document Index
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency
DIA Document Interchange Architecture
DIAC Defense Intelligence Agency Center
Dibit a group of two bits
DID Direct Inward Dialing (or Dialed)
DIF Document Interchange Format
Digroup Digitally multiplexed group of 24 channels
DINA Distributed Intelligent Network Architecture
DIOD Direct Inward Outward Dialing (or Dialed)
DIP Dual In-line Package
DIP Dual In-line Pin
Diplex Simultaneous transmission/reception of two signals over a circuit or channel
DIRP Device Independent Recording Package
DIS Directory Information (Sub)system
DIS Draft Information Standard
DISA Direct Inward System Access
DISCO Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office
DISCO Document Imaging System for Correspondence Operation
DIU Digital Interworking Unit (Northern Telecom Inc.)
DIVA Digital inquiry
DIVCOD Division Code Table
DIVRTE Division Route Table
DIW D-Inside Wire
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
DLAOC Defense Logistics Agency Operations Center
DLC Data Line Card
DLC Digital Loop Carrier
DLCF Data Link Control Field
DLCI Data Link Connection Identifier
DLCM Digital Level Control Module
DLE Data Link Escape Character
DLH Distributed Line Hunting
DLI Dual-Link Interface
DLL Downline Load
DLO Data Link Occupied
DLP Data Link Processor
DLP Decode Level Point
DLSE Dial Line Service Evaluation
DLTU Digital Line and Trunk Unit
DM Data Memory
DM Data Module
DM Delta Modulation
DMA Defense Mapping Agency
DMA Direct Memory Access
DMAC Direct Memory Access Controller
DMERT Duplex Multi-Environment Real Time
DMERT Duplex Multienvironment Real-Time Operating System
DMF Database Maintenance Facility (CN)
DMI Digital Multiplexed Interface
DMI Dual Message Interface
DML Data Manipulation Language
DMO Data Modification Order
DMOPRO Data Modification Process
DMP Data Modification Producer
DMR Defective Material Report (MFG)
DMS Digital Multiplex System
DMS-100 Digital Multiplex System 100
DMS-MTX Digital Multiplex System – Mobile Telephone Exchange
DMU Data Manipulation Unit
DN Directory Number
DN Directory Number
DNA Digital Network Architecture
DNAR Directory Number Analysis Reporting
DNH Directory Number Hunting
DNI Digital Network Interconnect(ing) (bay/frame)
DNIC Data Network Identifier Code
DNIS Dialed Number Identification Service
DNPA Data Numbering Plan Area
DNPIC Directory Number Primary InterLATA Carrier
DNS Domain Name Server
DOA Dial Office Administration
DOC Department of Commerce
DOC Dynamic Overload Control
DoD Department of Defense
DOD Direct Outward Dialing (or Dialed)
DOE Department of Energy
DOEd Department of Education
DOI Department of the Interior
DOIM Director of Information Management
DOJ Department of Justice
DOL Department of Labor
DOPAC Disk Oriented Property And Cost
DOPS Digital Ordering and Planning System
DOR Denied Originating Service
DOS Disk Operating System
DOS/VS Disk Operating System/Virtual Storage
DOSUM Daily Operations Summary
DOV Data Over Voice
DP Data Processing
DP Detailed Procedures
DP Dial Pulsing (or Dial Pulse)
DPA Delegation of Procurement Authority
DPA Digital Port Adapter
DPAC Dedicated Plant Assignment Card
DPAT Dialing Plan Access Treatment
DPC Destination Point Code
DPC Destination Point Code
DPC Disk Power Cabinet
DPCC Disk Panel Control Cabinet
DPCM Differential Pulse Code Modulation
DPFT DIRP Processing File Transfer
dpi Dots per inch (used with dot matrix printers)
DPIDB Directly Connected Peripheral Interface Data Bus
DPL Digital Private Line
DPLB Digital Private Line Billing System
DPM Division Plant Manager
DPMA Data Processing Management Association
DPMR Digital Performance Monitoring Report
DPN Digital Packet Network (Northern Telecom Inc.)
DPO Dial Pulse Originating
DPP Distributed Processing Peripheral
dpps Data Packets per Second
DPSK Differential Phase Shift Keying (or Keyed) Modulation
DPT Digital Pad Table
DQDB Distributed Queue Dual Bus
DQM Data Quality Monitor
DQP Data Qualifier Packet
DR Distinctive Ringing
DRA Digital Recorded Announcement
DRAM Digital Recorded Announcement Machine
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRD Disaster Recovery Director
DRE Directional Reservation Equipment (Northern Telecom Inc. DMS-200)
DRIP Device Recording Independent Package
DRO Destructive Read-Out
DRO Disaster Recovery Organization
DRP Disaster Recovery Plan
DRS Data Rate Selector
DRS Digital Reference Signal
DRS Draft Requirements Statement (IS)
DRS-8 Digital Radio System (Northern Telecom Inc.)
DRTLs Dial Repeating Trunk Lines
DRTT Dial Repeating Tie Trunk
DRZ Directionalization
DS Data Store
DS Dead System (alarm)
DS Design Statement (IS)
DS Direct Signaling
DS0 Digital Signal Level 0
DS1 Digital Signal Level 1, 1.544 Mbps; 24 PCM channels using North American signaling format (equivalent to T1) (Also know as HICAP Service)
DS1C 3.152 Mbps; 48 channels (equivalent to T1C or two DS1s)
DS2 Digital Signal Level 2, 6.312 Mbps; 96 channels (equivalent to T2 or four DS1s)
DS3 Digital Signal Level 3, 44.736 Mbps; 672 channels (equivalent to T3 or 28 DS1s)
DS30 Digital Signal Level 30, 2.56 Mbps; digital switching 30 PCM voice channels serving the network from the controllers
DS30A Digital switching 30 PCM voice channels serving the controller from the peripherals
DS3C 90 Mbps; 1344 channels (equivalent to T3C or two DS3s)
DS3D 135 Mbps; 2016 channels (equivalent to T3D or three DS3s)
DS3E 180 Mbps; 2688 channels (equivalent to T3E or four DS3s)
DS4 Digital Signal Level 4, 274 Mbps; 4032 channels (equivalent to T4 or six DS3s)
DSA Data Set Adapter
DSAP Directory Scope Analysis Program
DSAS Dataphone Select-A-Station
DSBAM Double Sideband Amplitude Modulation
DSC Data Set Cabinet
DSC Digital Service Circuit
DSC Direct Satellite Communications
DSCH Dual Serial Channel
DSCP Digital Service Circuit Pack/Port
DSE Data Switching Exchange
DSE Distributive System Environment
DSEA Distribution Services Economic Analysis
DSI Digital Speech Interpolation
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
DSLAM DSL Access Multiplexer
DSM Data Switching Module
DSN Defense Switched Network
DSN Digital Switched Network
DSP Digital Signal Processor
DSP Display System Protocol
DSR Daily Status Report
DSR Data Signaling Rate
DSR Detail Study Report (IS)
DSS Decision Support System
DSS Decision Support System
DSS Digital Switching Systems
DSS Direct Station Selection
DSS-W Defense Supply Service-Washington
DST Data Switch Termination
DSU Data Service Unit
DSU Digital Service Unit
DSX Digital Cross-Connect (frame)
DT Dial Tone
DT Downtime
DTC Digital Trunk Controller
DTD Dial Tone Delay
DTE Data Terminal Equipment
DTE Digital Trunk Equipment
DTF Dial-Tone-First
DTI Data Terminal Interface
DTI Digital Trunk Interface
DTL Diode-Transistor Logic
DTM Daily Traffic Metering/Measurement Report
DTM Denied Terminating Service (or Denied Termination)
DTM Diagnostic Task Monitor
DTM Diagnostic Task Monitor
DTMF Dual Tone Multifrequency
DTP Display Transport Protocol
DTR Data terminal ready
DTS Dedicated Transmission Service ***
DTS Destination Traffic Separation (Northern Telecom Inc. DMS-100)
DTS Digital Telecommunications Switching System (U.S. Department of the Treasury)
DTS Digital Test Sequence
DTS Direct Termination Service
DTSE Data Subscriber Terminal Equipment
DTS-W Defense Telecommunications Service – Washington
DTT Digital Transmission Terminal
DTU Data Transfer Unit
DU Data Unit
DU Design Unit
DUNBUILD Dynamic Table Unbuilder option
DUNS Data Universal Numbering System
DUPSS Dial-Up Packet Switched Service
DUV Data Under Voice
DVM Data Voice Module
DVM Data/Voice Multiplexer (or Multiplexing)
DVM Digital Volt Meter
DX Duplex signaling
DXS Direct Extension Selection
DYANA Dynamic Analyzer

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