Here are the most common telecom acronyms starting with B from the world of Telecom/Networking.

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Acronym Description
B channel Bearer channel (circuit-switched channel of 64 kbps for either voice or data)
B/I Burn In (MFG)
b1 bit 1
B8ZS Binary with Eight Zero Suppression
B8ZS Bipolar 8 Zero Substitution (or Bipolar with 8-Zero Substitution)
BA Basic Agreement
BA Business Area (IS)
BAA Business Area Analysis (IS)
BAC Billing Account Code
BAFO Best and Final Offer
balun Balanced to Unbalanced
BAS Basic System
BASIC Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BB Billing Block
BBER Background Bit Error Ratio
BBF Blue Box Fraud
Bc Committed Burst Size
BCC Block Check Character
BCD Binary Coded Decimal
BCDR Billing Call Detail Record
BCI Bit-Count Integrity
BCON Battery Connect
BCPL Basic Combined Programming Language
BCR Budget Comparison Report
BCS Batch Change Supplement
BCS Batch Change Supplement (Northern Telecom Inc.)
BCS British Computer Society
BCS Bulk Change Supplement
BCS Bulk Change Supplement (AT&T)
BCS Business Communications System
BCSA Business Communications System Architecture
BCT Business Communications Terminal
BDAM Basic Direct Access Method
BDLC Burroughs Data Link Control
BDM Badger Meter
BDP Business Data Processing
BDS Bill Delivery Systems
BDT Billing Data Transmitter
BE Board Enable
Be Excess Burst Size
BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis (Dept. of Commerce)
BEARS Batch Error Analysis Resolution System
BECN Backward Explicit Congestion Notification
BEL 10 decibels/transmission units giving the ratio of two powers
Bellcore Bell Communications Research
BERT Bit Error Rate Test(ing)
BEST Building Excellence in Supervisory Training
BEST Building Excellence in Supervisory Training
BEX Broadband Exchange
BFRP Business Function Recovery Plan
BFs Signaling framing bit sequence
BFt Framing bit sequence
BH Busy Hour
BHCA Busy Hour Call Attempts
BHCA Busy Hour Call Attempts
BIA Business Impact Analysis
BIAC Broadband Integrated Access Controller
BIC Building Industry Consultant
BIC Bus Interface Controller
BICT Business Improvement Core Team
BIG Billing Improvement Group (IPS)
BILLNUM Billing Number Field in the CDR
BINAC Binary Northrop Automatic Computer
BIP Bit Interleaved Parity
BIP Built In Place
BIS Business Information Systems
BISAM Basic Indexed Sequential Access Method
B-ISDN Broadband ISDN
Bisync Binary synchronous (character-oriented protocol)
Bit Binary digit
BITS Billable Traffic Study
BIU Bus Interface Unit
BLDN Blank Directory Number
BLERT Block Error Rate Testing
BLF Busy Lamp Field
B-link The wired connection between the stage 1 switch in a Line Switch frame and the stage 0 switch in a Line Junctor Switch frame; the wired connection between the stage 1 switch in a Trunk Switch frame and the stage 0 switch in a Trunk Junctor Switch frame.
B-MAN Broadband Metropolitan Area Network
BMC Billing Media Converter
BMD Biomedical (computer programs)
BMDP Biomedical (computer programs-P series)
BMG Business Marketing Group
BMG Business Marketing Group (S)
BMIS Business Maintenance and Installation Services
BMT Basic Modular Telephone
BMU Bus Multiplexing Unit
BN2 Broadband Network 2000
BNF Backus-Naur Form
BNL Brookhaven National Laboratory
BNR Bell-Northern Research
BNS Basic Network Services
BNS Billed Number Screening
BOA Basic Ordering Agreement
BOC(s) Bell Operating Company (ies)
BOCC Building Operation Control Center
BOD Building Occupancy Date
BOLD Bit Oriented Link Discipline (NCR)
BOM Bill of Material (MFG)
BOM Bill of Materials
BOR Basic Output Report
BOSS Billing and Order Support System
BP Bipolar
BPAD Bisynchronous Packet Assembler/Disassembler
bpi bits per inch
BPR Billing Problem Referral
bps bits per second
BPS Bits Per Second
BPSS Basic Packet Switching
BPV Bipolar Violation
BRC Bus Repeater Card
BRCS Business and Residence Customer Services
BRI Basic Rate Interface
BRITE Basic Rate Interface Transmission Extension
BROOT Backup ROOT (UNIX file system)
BS Banded Signaling
BS Billing Server
BSA Basic Serving Arrangement
BSA Bulk Services Agreement
BSA Business Systems Architecture (IS)
BSAM Basic Sequential Access Method
BSC Billing Server Client
BSC Binary Synchronous Communication
BSC Broadband Services Center ***
BSC Business Service Center
BSC/SO Business Service Center/Service Order
BSD Business Systems Development (IS)
BSE Basic Service Element
BSG Business Services Group (S)
BSP Bell System Practice
BSP Burroughs Scientific Processor
BSRF Basic Synchronization Reference Frequency
BSRF Bell System Reference Frequency
BSRS Bell System Repair Specification
B-Tables Billing Rate Tables
BTAM Basic Telecommunications Access Method
BTBA Battery Termination Bus Assembly
BTN Bell Telephone Number
BTN Billing Telephone Number
BTSR Bootstrapper
BVC Billing Validation Center
BWM Broadcast Warning Message
BX.25 AT&T version of X.25

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