Here are the most common acronyms starting with A from the world of Telecom/Networking.

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Acronym Description
A/E Architect/Engineer
AABS Automated Alternate Billing Services (UT)
AAP Affirmative Action Program
AAPS Auxiliary Alarm Processing System
AAV Alternative Access Vendor
ABC Advanced Business Connection
ABEND Abnormal End
ABH Average Busy Hour
ABUBF Accepted But Uninstalled Business Function (IS)
AC Account Consultant
ACC Access Industries
ACC Advanced Computer Communications
ACCT Account Code
ACS Automated Costing System (FANASD)
AD After Divestiture
ADAM Advanced Digital Access Manager
ADIN Authorization Code Database Index Number
ADM Add/Drop Multiplexer
ADM Administration Department
ADM Administrative Recovery Group
ADN Abbreviated Dialing Number
ADT Audio Detect Tone
AFE Authorization For Expenditure
AFT Advanced Function Terminal
AFT Automatic File Transfer
AIMS Access Interface Management System
AL Action Limits
ALITS Automated Lab Integration Test System
ALLBUD Network Trunk Building System
ALP Alpha Wire
AMOS Automated Maintenance Order System
AMOS Automated Marketing Outbound System
ANI Automatic Number Identification
ANM Answer Message
ANNTYPE Announcement Type
ANSCALLS Answered Calls
AOI Automatic Optical Inspection (MFG)
AOPS Automated Order Packaging System
AP Application Processor
APD Access Product Development
APDU Application Protocol Data Unit
APG Application Recovery Group
APL Access Private Line (Private Line Data Core Team)
APP Access Processing Parameters
APS Access Product Support Specialist
AR Account Representative
ARA Automated Rate Analysis (PM)
ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency
ARQ Automatic Request for Repetition
ARS Automated Records System
ARS Automatic Route Selection
ARS Automatic Routing Selector
ARSB Automated Repair Service Bureau
ARU Automatic Response Unit
AS Administrative Services
ASA American Statistical Association
ASA Average Speed of Answer
ASC Advanced Scientific Computer
ASC Alarm Status Circuit
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASD Access Device
ASD Access Drive
ASD Auto Speed Detect
ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc.
ASI Advanced Services Implementation
ASI Alarm Status Indicator
ASIS American Society for Information Science
ASL Available Space List
ASM Association for Systems Management
ASMDR Advanced Station Message Detail Reporting
ASP Adjunct Service Point
ASP Alarm Status Panel
ASP Application Service Part
ASP Auto Speed Port
ASPEN Automated Save Performance Evaluation Network
ASPR Armed Services Procurement Regulations
ASR Access Service Record
ASR Automatic Send-Receive
ASSERT User Program Defensive Check Failure
ASSIST Account Service and Support Information System Tool
AST Activity Switch Timer (Northern Telecom)
AST Advanced System Testing
ASU Alarm Status Unit
AT Acceptance Tasks
AT Access Tandem
AT Access Transport
ATA American Teleport Association
ATAU Automated Test and Alignment Unit
ATB All Trunks Busy
ATC Adaptive Transform Coding
ATC Applied Technology Council
ATC Automatic Technical Control
ATC Time and Charge Services on 1+ Calls
ATD Automated Telephone Directory (Suntel C3 computer subsystem)
ATDC Attendant Console
ATDM Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexing
ATE Asynchronous Terminal Emulation
ATE Automatic Testing Equipment (MFG)
ATET Alliance Traffic Exchange Tape
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode (NOCC)
ATM Automated Teller Machine
ATM DXI ATM Digital Exchange Interface
ATME #2 Automatic Transmission Measuring and Signaling Testing Equipment No. 2
ATOMS Automated Translations Order Monitoring System
ATP All Tests Pass
ATS Administrative Terminal System
ATS Automated Terminal System
ATSU Association of Time-Sharing Users
ATSM Area Technical Support Manager
ATT Automatic Trunk Testing
ATT-IS AT&T Information Systems
AUL Automatic Line
AUM Auxiliary Unit Maintenance
AUTH Authorization
AUTHCODE Authorization Code
AUTHM Authorization Maintenance
AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network
AUTOGUY Automated LAN Execution System
AUTOVON Automatic Voice Network
AUUA America’s Univac Users Association
AV/D Alternate Voice/Data
AWG American Wire Gauge
AWO Automated Work Order
AWOS Automated Work Order Subsystem
AWT Actual Work Time
AWT Average Work Time

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