Here are the common telecom acronyms starting with 0-9 in the networking world.

Acronym Description
1ESS No. 1 Electronic Switching System (AT&T)
1FB Flat-rate Business line (POTS – flat rate per call fees)
1PSS No. 1 Packet Switching System (AT&T)
1TF Transmitter First Trial Feature
1MB Measured Business line (regular POTS line – per minute fees)
2ASTP 2A Signal Transfer Point
2ESS No.2 Electronic Switching System (AT&T)
2W Two-wire
2WT Two-wire Trunk
2WTI Two-wire Trunk Interface
3ESS No.3 Electronic Switching System (AT&T)
3WC Three-way Calling
4ESS No. 4 Electronic Switching System (AT&T)
4GL Fourth Generation Language
4GL Fourth Generation Language
4W Four-wire
4WT Four-wire Trunk
4WTI Four-wire Trunk Interface
5ESS No. 5 Electronic Switching System (AT&T)
8(a) Small and Disadvantaged Business Program (Small Business Administration)

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