The Best Technical Links

These are the ones that I find myself going back to . . . again and again and again . . . I have included three tables of "must have" links :

Definitions and Acronyms

Encyclopedia TechWeb


PC Webopedia Federal Telecom Terms

Encyclopedia - Wikipedia

Acronyms2 Definitions

Cabling Glossary of Terms

Computing Networking Dictionary

File Extensions Lookup

CompNetworking Glossary of Computer, Internet and Network Terms

Internet for Beginners Glossary

NetLingo - Networks Acronyms & Terms

Linktionary Search and Index page (Tech Target)

Knowledge Base Glossary




Standards, Computers, and Cabling


Get IEEE 802(TM) - Downloads

Get IEEE 802(TM) Home Page

RFC Index

IEEE Standards

IEEE Standards Working Group Areas



TopTech LAN Types



Tutorials - Converge Networking



White Papers

Bitpipe - Free White Papers

Audio Streaming

RAD - Audio Presentations

NWfusion Audio Technology primers



Intel Technical Documentation Center

PC Guide


 Cabling - Copper and Fiber

CEE News Archives

Cabling Standards




General Telecom
Telecom Magazine DS0-DS3 - Digital Signal Services Available over T1,T2, and T3 Signaling Systems Everything T1 - Free T1 INFO T-1, T1, DS-0, DS-1, T-span, DSX, Channel Bank
Network World Fusion Cisco - Tech Note - WAN Compression FAQs Cisco Worldwide Training_ Cisco Career Certifications Request for Comments (RFC) Editor Homepage
Token Ring Switching RFC (replace rfc number with anyone of them) ANSI Online <index>
Ask Mr. DNS IPsec Draft Nanog Archive Configuring BGP Cisco - BGP for Interdomain Routing
NANPA Area Codes Search & Maps Glossary of Telecom Terms
Cisco Technologies Cisco Systems Terms and Acronyms Cisco T1_T3 Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Cisco - Feedback
Product Catalog UniverCD - Cisco Connection Documentation Connector Cables Index Serial Cables
The BGP Page Understanding IP Addressing Maximum Packet Queuing Delay
Basic IP Addressing and Troubleshooting Guide Ports (Common TCP and UDP ports)
The Digital Dream Home Page for Diamond Multimedia 3Com Residential -- The Connected Home
Federal Standard 1037C_ Glossary of Telecommunications Terms Webopedia_ Online Computer Dictionary for Internet Terms and Technical Support.
NPAC (Neustar's Number Portability Administration Center) NANC (FCC's North American Numbering Council) NANPA (North American Numbering Plan Administration)
INC Documents - NANPA docs & standards NANPA Numbers (Area Codes, CIC's, n11, etc)
Cables & Adapters
Cabling Standards Cabling Glossary of Terms
Frame Relay to ATM Interworking ATM Networks_ A Series of Tutorials by Raj Jain
Fiber Optics
The Light Brigade Your Fiber Optic Resource - Fusion splicer, OTDR, etc. (great) - - WDM, DWDM fibre connectors & adapters
Cisco CCNA Tests - CCIE, CCNA, CCNP and other Cisco Certifications
Router WIC's, NM's, IP's, and PA's
Cisco Interfaces and Modules - Cisco Systems Cisco Interfaces and Modules
White Papers - Tech Articles
NWfusion - Network World Fusion Bitpipe - IP Networks White Papers Bitpipe White Papers
Technical Documentation for JUNOS 6.2Search the RFC IndexMPLS Resource CenterNIST - PKI Home
  MPLS utorial