Problematic DVD's
it won't  #$@&%  Copy !!

*** also see DVdigest's List of Problematic DVD's   Doom9's "DVD Decrypter Options" 

PSL2 Plugin short GuidePLS2 Plugin full Guide

It is a constant war . . . the DVD ripper's and the movie industry.  The rippers want to decrypt, shrink, and burn  .  .  .  the movie makers want to make it impossible to decrypt, shrink, and burn.

When you fire up DVD Decrypter and see this (note the last 3 lines about "Structure Protection") - you may be in trouble:

The DVD Decryptor/DVDshrink one-two punch has worked perfectly for quite a while, but lately more and more titles are not able to be copied this way.  Here's the deal  .  .  . 

Both DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter are not updated any more and new protection systems have since been released.  

There is a DVD Helper utility that can decrypt the new Sony ARccoS encryption scheme.  In fact you MUST use this add-on.  See the PSL2 Plugin short GuidePLS2 Plugin full Guide


DVD Decrypter File Mode vs ISO Mode - typically, always use File Mode !!  ISO mode is not as rigorous a decryption for some reason.  BUT if you must use ISO mode, you have to go to "Settings/ISO Read Mode" and check the 'Remove IFO Structure Protection' box.  Otherwise you end up with a long black intro before the main movie starts.

AnyDVD - this decrypts on the fly - runs in the background - and you can use a DVD copy utility directly without first running DVD Decryptor.
   *** see
You must uninstall DVD Region Killer if you have it installed - this install program will prompt you and will uninstall it for you.
The settings for DVD Decrypter need to be set to those suggested by the vendor, Slysoft.

You can still tweak for things like ignore errors if you suspect bad sectors or read errors of some sort.

With some of the newer releases with more difficult copyright protections (Arccoss, Ripguard, Puppetlock), I've needed to process the ripped files for compliance with FixVTS. AnyDVD on the more recent releases has included a ripper that incorporates FixVTS (it processes for compliance while doing the rip). With the newer AnyDVD update, I've not needed to do the compliance processing, so AnyDVD may have gotten that covered with the driver decryption. Compliance is
something to keep in mind though when processing decrypted files.