DVD Labels

Most people burn their DVD's, and then use a magic marker for a quick label.  But after investing all that time and energy into buying a DVD burner, software, copy protection ustilities, etc.  -  why not make that last bit of effort to make your DVD's stand out, and give them that professional look  ??


Neato carries a wide range of reasonably priced labels - including standard 2-up (2 labels per sheet), mini-DVD, and core labels (the tiny collar on the inside area of the DVD).

Labeling Software

Neato also carries the best labeling software out there .  .  .  Media Face.  It has an excellent calibration tool to assure proper placement of the printed label (which is the most difficult part of label printing)..  It also comes with a huge library of label images, and includes curved text capability, along with 3D shadowing, and text edging and fill effects.  You can, of course, create labels with any imaging editor such as Photoshop - but Media Face has all the templates.  

If you use Photoshop, trace a few pages of standard paper by placing it on top of your label sheet, and use these for testing.  Once you get the positioning correct, then save the file as a template for further use.  

The Label Images

For custom DVD's you can find just about anything you want in the Media Face library.  However, for backup DVD's you will want either the original label or a close facsimile.  Here are a couple of sites that contain most of the commercial titles covers (labels).  Just download the image, insert it into Media Face, and print.  They include Front (jewel case), Back (jewel case, and the DVD label.



NOTE:  more than a few of these were poorly scanned - so you may want to scan your o

Most labeling utilities automatically resize the images.  You doe not use round images - since there is no such thing.  Instead you need a square image whose dimensions extend slightly beyond the diameter of the circle - since there will always be a bit of error with the final printed positioning.

Image Sizes - use image sizes that range from 384x384 to 750x750.  The stock images that come with Media Face are 750x750.  

Cropping - if you use a rectangular image, such as 512x384, realize that it will be cropped to 384x384 - not resized, but cropped !!  Since you do not know exactly where the cropping will occur, it is best to first do your own resizing and cropping in Photoshop or similar editor.

Using Media Face

Create a new folder for your custom projects - for example:        c:\ . . .\media face\John's Projects

There are two modes of running Media Face:

Wizard mode - MfRunWiz.exe
Advanced mode (MediaFace.exe) - preferred

Wizard Mode

The wizard lets you see the entire sheet with both DVD Labels and the side rectangles showing, which lets you know where the DVD Label will print to. There are no Neato templates, so just use the standard template: "U.S. CD Labels (2 Up)"

The Wizard, once it gets ready to Print - will force you to run the Calibration one time - us a blank sheet of paper. It does not allow you to save the project - so to do that, click the center bottom button to switch to Advanced mode.

Advanced Method

1) Start the Media Face - Advanced
2) In the New Project Wizard box - select "Label Templates . . . CD Label (2 Up)"
3) click Finish - your DVD label shows in the center - you will not see the "two labels" of the template
4) Insert/Picture . . . from Image Library - to place the background on the DVD label
5) click and drag a rectangle to place the image - normally cover the entire DVD
6) if you want to, you can now add more image layers, and again click and drag a rectangle - only this time smaller since you are adding boxed images onto the DVD
7) click the "T" button (Text Tool) to add your text - click and drag to make a box, then click in the box to place the cursor there, and type in your text. To curve the text - right-click on the text box, select Properties, and then Text Effects 
8) Print the DVD Label - the correct template should show up in the Print dialog box, "U.S. CD Labels (2 Up)"

NOTE: if you plan to create another DVD label like this one - save the project 
NOTE: the print preview will show the DVD centered - ignore this because the actual Print step will show the two Labels with your's on top

Image Libraries

- Double-click these exe files, one at a time - to install numerous background images that will be available to MediaFace. Then go into the folder, and using ACDSEE or any Image viewer - delete the ones you do not like.

When you run these exe files, it extracts out the jpg's into category subfolders under the folder (long path):

(NOTE: "Fellowes" is a hidden folder, so a search with Explorer will not find the files !!!) - use Explorer to drill down to it

For Win98/ME

C:\WINDOWS\All Users\Application Data\Fellowes\MediaFACE 4.0\Images\Image Library\

For WinXP and Win2000

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Fellowes\MediaFACE 4.0\Images\Image Library\Business

NOTE: it also updates the paths to search in MediaFace so it finds the files.

The Images - you can add your own subfolders under the "Image Library" folder and save your own images there. If you add them in while MediaFace is running you must exit and restart before they will show up.