DVD Burners

DVD-9 (Single-Sided, Dual-Layer Discs) Burners

Only one I can recommend at this point - because it is cherap and got rave reviews from virtually everyone  .  .  .  the Sony DRU-710A.

Originally, Sony came out with the disastrous DRU-700A.  VERY FEW PLAYERS COULD PLAY THE RESULTING DISCS !!  But Sony fixed a lot of the problems and came out with the DRU-710A, which has received very good reviews.  


HOWEVER - WHAT ABOUT COMPATIBILITY?? - I still can't find much on compatibility with players, though - and that is usually my main issue.

Sony DRU-710A DL DVD Recorder - 8.5 GB Links

Sony Website for the Internal Drive

review by PC Magazine and some User Reviews.

Least Expensive Media (Ritek) at $8 per disc for a 10-pack

DVD-5 (Single-Sided, Single-Layer Discs) Burners

NOTE:  these units are old now - but they work great.  However, look for more recent models !!

Pioneer DVR-A05

- DVR-105 is the OEM model – no included software

This drive doubles the burn speed of the older DVR-A04 (DVR-104) from 2x DVD-R, 1x DVD –RW  to  4x DVD-R, 2x DVD –RW.

Supported burn speeds and disc format:  4x DVD-R, 2x DVD –RW

DVD+R and DVD+RW are not supported  (but they are supported by the DVR-A06 model)

NOTE1:  Cendyne has an OEM of the DVR-105 – supposed to be same drive, cheaper – but CNET trashed the Cendyne in their review and said it is not exactly the same drive

NOTE2:  if you plan on burning data DVD's - you can use Nero.  Their versions 5.5.10 and up “do” recognize this drive - the hardware settings and detection are store in the file "cdrom.cfg".

Compatible Media:

Pioneer Recommends: 

DVS-R47A/U              -           DVD-R  2x

DVS-R470SDD50       -           DVD-R 2x (count=50)

DVS-RW47B/U          -           DVD-RW 2x ? (doesn’t say) (rewrite up to 1000 times)

DVS-RP470SDF         -           DVD-R 2x


Others Recommend:

            MeritLine - http://www.meritline.com/dvdrblankmedia.html

            Datawrite 4x  (NOT Datawrite Classic, they are Princo !!)

            Princo 1X and 2X and 4x (mixed comments, many bad - quality may not be good)

            Ritek G03 (1X) and G04 (4x)


Firmware Upgrades: http://www.pioneeraus.com.au/multimedia/software/software_files.htm#dvd-Recorders

        NOTE:  firmware can be rolled back by using the /F (Force) switch.


Write Support:

Read Support:

Write Speed:

Read Speed:


Sony DRU500AX  (the 500LX is their external drive)

These drives were so popular, that there was a huge shortage problem.  There just werent any on the shelves in early 2003 !!

Support (manuals, upgrades, WindowsXP patch):  http://sony.storagesupport.com/dvdrw/index.htm

Firmware v1.0d r:  http://sony.storagesupport.com/dvdrw/downloads/dru500a/FirmwareUpdateDRU500A.zip

DVD-R: 1X, 2X, 4X max. DVD-R,  1X, 2X max DVD-RW

2.4X, 4X**max DVD+R,  2.4X max DVD+RW

a cheaper way:  you can buy the barebones OEM Sony U10a OEM drive (the same as Melco DVM-4222FB, the same as the DRU500A) and flash the firmware to make it a Sony DRU500a (samer as 500Ax).
Another utility (maybe same) your found here.

DRU510A (new as of the spring of 2003)

DRU510A is the new replacement for the DRU500AX with the same specs as the 500A/X, but it supports 4X RW for one format and 2.4X RW for the other.

DWU10A  - an OEM version of the DRU500A.

Compatibility Media

DRU500AX Compatible Media:  http://sony.storagesupport.com/dvdrw/mediainfo_na.htm

Media that did NOT work (as tested by a user who reported his findings to the newsgroups):

Princo 1x DVD-R
Maxell DVD-R
Maxell DVD-RW
Fuji DVD+R

Media that has worked so far:

Maxell DVD+R
Maxell DVD+RW