Save your Settings with
   this quick little Batch File

Activation - Reinstall of XP without it

admin password recovery

Automatic Updates

AutoStartup items - how to stop them

Autoplay  CD/DVD- how to Disable

Autoplay CD/DVD - how to Configure
     for enabled Autoplay of Content

Balloon Tips - Disable Them

Boot Image Extraction

Boot Disks

Booting Faster

CD Burning using XP's built-in CD
   burning capability

CD Drives are Gone !!

Chkdsk and Autochk

Cleanup your Folders

Compression of Files/Folders

Command-Line Commands

Config.sys - where is it ??

Context Menus (right-click)

Control Panel - hide Icons

Control Panel Shortcuts

Customize XP Screens

        Startup (Boot Screen)

        System Properties Box

        Logon (Welcome) Screen

        Start Button


Deltree gone? Use Rmdir !! 

Device Manager Shortcut

Disk Checking on Reboot 
     (so annoying!!)

Disk Partitioning

Disk space Pie Charts

DMA mode vs PIO mode

DOS and XP

Download Resume

Drive Letters - how to Change

Error reporting to MS - turn it off

Error Logging - stop or fatal errors

Explorer - expand-contract entire tree

Explorer - make all columns fit

Explorer - close all parent windows

Fast User Switching

SuperFast User Switching - DL

FAT32 to NTFS Comversion

File Systems - FAT12-16-32 and NTFS

FrontPage Server Extensions

Hardware install defaults to old driver

How to tell if XP has SP1 loaded

Indexing Service

"Insert CD" Fix - I386 on Hard Drive

IP addr - show LAN & Net addr

ipconfig - how to use

Keyboard shortcuts to open Programs

Limit your Kid's time on the PC

Locked Files - how to Delete !!

Media Player for Wav's and Midi's

Memory Optimization Tips

Missing Destop Shortcuts - the fix :
My Computer - My Documents
           My Network Places - IE

MSI - Windows Installer

MSI corrupt - how to fix

NETBEUI - how to install with XP

Networking - Home Network Setup

Networking Problems and Solutions

Network Connection - can't delete

Network Neighborhood icon is gone

NtUninstall Folders

Page File Optimization

Passport signup Nag - how to stop

Password - boot without password

PRD - Password Recovery Disk

Personalized Menus - get rid of

Picture and Fax Viewer - disabling


Prefetch Folder (windows\prefetch)

Processes and Services  .  .  .
     which ones you can do without !!!

QoS Packet Scheduler - disable

Quick Launch Toolbar

Recycle Bin Explained

Recycle Bin Problems and Fixes

Registry - can't delete entries - fix

Registry Re-Initialize without Reboot

RegSVR32 - to reg DLL and OCX

Revert back to previous OS

Rmdir - XP's "deltree"

Scandisk with XP - use chkdsk

Search - setting the preferences

Search Problems & Workarounds

"Send To" - how to Customize

SP2 - Service Pack 2

ServicePack Folder - don't delete

Services and Processes   .  .  .
     which ones you can do without !!!

Services - turn off with
     Hardware Profiles !!!

SFC with Scannow

Show Desktop icon missing

Shutdown without the Prompts

Slipstream SP1 into WinXP Install

Slipstream SP2 into WinXP Install

Speed up XP  ! ! ! ! !

Start Menu - Tips & Tricks

Status Bar keeps vanishing - the  fix

Symbols  (          etc)

Symbols Table (special characters)

System Info - how to view

System Log (event viewer)

System Restore - reduce restore points

Taskbar with a Great Tip !!

User Accounts

Validation ("Big Brother" is watching)

Version Check - winver

Video Codecs - list them

Volume Control Gone !!

VPN Client setup (to connect to Work)

Windows Folder Views keep changing

Wmplayer 9 - Install and disable DRM

   - how to disable for Wav's and Midi's

Windows Updates & How to save

Winipcfg - where did it Go ??

WinXP CD's - OEM, Recovery & Retail

WinXP install with Win98 Boot Disk

Wireless Zero Configuration Service

XP won't boot - HELP !!!