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Out of thousands of WinXP tips and info reviewed - here are the top 100 or so !!    

This section lists WinXP tips - but most of them apply to Win2000 and even WinNT.  Separate NT and 2000 pages were not created because the vast majority of users are now on either Win98, ME, or XP.  If you use Win2000 or NT then use your best judgment on these tips - in general, stay away from the registry hacks since they are specific to XP.

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*** for XP only - see  Doug's Windows 95-98-Me-XP Tweaks and Tips  and  Kellys XP Korner


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Windows XP is basically a marriage between 95/98/ME and NT/2000.  For years, the bulk of business and consumer users preferred Windows 95, 98, and ME for ease of use and troubleshooting.  High-end power-users and graphics professionals preferred NT and 2000 for stability and exceptional management of memory and resources.

Now we have the best of both worlds with XP.  It is more stable and powerful than 95/98/ME, yet it offers a simple, user-friendly interface.  

But as with all operating systems  .  .  .  there are a bunch of XP gotcha's just waiting for you.  Here are the workarounds  .  .  .

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Each month, the PC magazines come out and they include a series of XP tips.  Numerous websites also include their own set of tips.  In total there are thousands of Windows XP tips !!  So why read these??  Well, there are some issues that crop up more than others - and those are listed here.

So the theme continues .  .  .  of listing the most needed info.  But in this case, since XP is fairly new, other info is included to give you an overall understanding of Windows XP.