Customize the Logon Screen Image - logonui.exe

- also mistakenly called the Welcome Screen -

see also   for a great tutorial on all the details

The logon screen appears after you boot WinXP - it shows you background, borders, images and buttons to select fro all of the user names.  Just to the left of the Users listed is a WinXP logo.  

The Logon screen is NOT the Welcome Screen.  The Welcome screen appear briefly just after you make your selection of which User you want to logon as.  The Welcome screen can be customized with Logon Manager to have the same look as the logon screen - but they are two different screens.

For full control of your logon screen and it's buttons - download LogonStudio - it is all you will ever need.

Here is how to change the two main bitmaps quickly.  The bitmaps are stored in the file windows\system32\logonui.exe

The logon screen has a specific layout, as described by various resources (bitmaps, uifile, etc) in logonui.exe :

The resources in this layout are completely customizable !!!  

Tip:  for a full screen image, you will need to break up the image into 5 bitmaps (the 4 borders and the main center panel).

Use Resource Hacker to open the file logonui.exe - from there you have access to all the bitmaps, which include the main logon screen background and images.  It also allows you to edit the UIfile - which controls the color of the numerous components, such as the main layout border bars (they are about 1 inch thick), and many other items.  However, it is a complex text file - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EDIT IT.  Instead, just use Logon Studio which allows you to see each component, and lists the parameters, bitmaps, etc. - and is user-friendly.


Bitmap 123 is the Windows XP logo.  Actually, bitmaps 123 and 127 both have this image.  But the only one displayed by WinXP is bitmap 123 !!!  The default image is 137x86.  You can use a larger size - BUT IT WILL BE RESIZED down to 137x86, so just stick with that size !!!

If you mess things up (unlikely since logonui.exe is under WFP - Windows File Protection) - here is the original default XP monitor image:

  use Resource Hacker to replace the bitmap and go back to normal - then save the file logonui.exe - you may need to do this in Safe mode or with a Win98 boot disk in DOS !!!

NOTE on transparency:  you can use an 8-bit image with the border color being transparent - but since the background of the logon screen is continuous blue - just make any "transparent areas" the same color.  Either open the original bitmap and use the eyedropper tool, or use the defaul blue color (RGB = 90-126-220)

now you need to make your system use the new file, logonui2.exe instead of the original logonui.exe  -  to do this:

Example (a beautiful logon screen using LogonStudio) - here are the original images from logonui.exe and the new ones that were used with Logon Studio and saved to logonui2.exe.  A few other resources were edited in this logonui file, but the main effect is obtained from those two bitmaps.  Actually, bitmap 123 was not even used - it was replaced by an all-white image.  The green bars at the bottom and top are an option in Logon Studio !!









Final Result


Customize "Log Off" and "Turn off Computer" buttons and backgrounds

CAUTION:  be very careful to back up both msgina.dll and shell32.dll - Windows XP is very finicky about these files and if changed it may not boot !!

User Tips on this

msgina IDs:
20142 Background img
20143 Flag img
20150 Button imgs

The Buttons are in the order: Normal | Pressed | Hover
So just change them as you want...

I deleted the Flag and the upper text...
Changed the Background and renamed the Abort Button....

To modify the LogOff Dialog open shell32.dll again in system32 folder
Look for Dialog No. 1089...
BMPs are again the last 3 ones:

14354 Background img
14355 Flag img
14356 Button imgs

Same thing like in Shutdown...