Win98 Installation from an OEM CD

OEM CD's do not allow Upgrades !!!  Here we list a workaround.

The Windows installation CD's that come with new computers are called "OEM" (Original Equipment Manufacturer).  Oddly, this means that they "are not the original equipment manufacturer".  These CD's are specialized in that they are not made for installing Windows on any other computer - only your's - they assume that if you run into trouble, you will reformat the entire drive !!!  That is why OEM CD's "will" install Windows ONLY on a clean drive  .  .  .  or  .  .  .  on a drive that it thinks is clean.

By clean, the drive does not have to be empty or re-formatted  -  it has to be clean of Windows.  The OEM CD setup routine has a few simple methods of insuring that.  It checks for the existence of the files, setupx.dll, and for a hidden folder called wininst0.400  Not very elaborate.  If it finds these files or the winist0.400 folder, then the installation will fail.  However, if the drive is either re-formatted or wiped clean of these three items - the install will work.

Of course, you don't want to wipe your drive clean.  All you really need to do is to clean it up a bit, since the OEM CD only makes a couple of simplistic checks.  Even if you are simply re-installing Win98 over an existing version of Win98 - you will probably need to clean the drive first !!


Prepare the Drive

For a Fresh Install that deletes Everything

For a Fresh Install but keeping all your "Stuff"

*** here we keep all files and folders except for the Windows and Program Files folders.  The setup routine will detect no previous versions of Windows and will install


For a Reinstall over your existing Windows (will keep all programs and settings Intact)

*** you need to make the OEM CD think that there is no existing Windows on your machine