Files and Folders

AutoStartup items - how to stop them
3D Images (Anaglyphs)

clean temp folder upon boot
AutoPlay CD's

Autostart Programs
BadCluster FAT32 conversion
batch files (DOS)
Bios Tips
Boot Menu & Setup Screen

Boot without Logo

Buttons - create in 3D
Calendar in Excel
CD Authoring/Burning
CD Auto-Insert - temporarily disable
Compact Flash Card Readers

Default Autoplay CD Player
dialog box - copy the message

Drive Letters - how to change
Ecommerce Guide (Verizon)
Ethernet Basics ***
Explorer command-line switches

Fdisk Explained

   Fdisk mbr switch
   undocumented fdisk switches
   Fdisk Guide (long & thorough)
File Associations
File Deletion without a Trace 
File Systems (FAT, FAT32, NTFS)

File Timestamps
Fonts- temporary install
Fonts - WIN98 Default font list
format FAT32 with 32k clusters
Format Painter Brush Tool
Hard-drives  .  .  .

    Speed vs the ATA version

    Partition Size Limitations
    Partition Size vs Cluster Size
    Disk Drive BIOS Limitations
    Disk Drive Partition Sizes
    Copy Hard Drive for Free
    NTFS and FAT32
HTML to Word conversion

HTML to FrontPage Web

Icon Libraries with Windows
IE 6.0 SP1 full download
IE keyboard shortcuts
ISO CD burn instructions
logo windows files - startup-shutdown
maxMTU - find your ISP maxMTU
MCI commands Help
Media Player Versions - configuring
Menus - show full menus w/MS-Office
Modems - Fix & Speed them Up

MP3's  .  .  .

      Ripping - CD Tracks (cda) to MP3

      and MP3 <-->WAV conversion

      Create an MP3 List Box
      ID3 tags - How to add them
MSConfig - remove Startup entries

MSI - Windows Installer

MSI corrupt - how to fix

MS Office - Free non-MS Version !!

MusicMatch - rip tracks in "true" Stereo
Netscape move/create Bookmark fix
Networking (LAN) troubleshooting
Network (home) can't see other PC's
Real Player clean Reinstall

Real Player takes over Volume - fix
Real Player One - no video fix
Backup/Restore Registry & Startup Files (Win98)
Regedit Tips and command-line switches
Registry Optimization
Remove "Shortcut to" prefix on Icons
Registry Care & Feeding
Reg and Un-Reg DLL's with RegSvr32

Remove Programs Manually
scanreg - the secret weapon
shortcut arrows - tweak fails to remove
Show Desktop icon is missing
Shutdown Problems - Win98SE
Shutdown Problems - WinME

Special Characters (  etc)

Startup Folder - Instant Access

Streaming Media - How to Save
Swap File -Speed it Up !!!

Symbols (  etc) - how to Insert

Symbols Table (special characters)

Viruses, Hackers & Spyware

Windows Media Player Fixes
Windows Logon Prompt - how to Stop
Win98 OEM CD - How to Install
Win98 - 95 Setup switches
Win98 keeps asking for the CD
Win98 Shutdown Problems
Win98 Registry Restoral
The Mysterious Nethood Folder
Windows - complete backup
Windows Install Error SU018
Windows 'Installer' folder
Windows Scripting
Windows Update Fix
Windows98 Clean boot
Word - blurry images fix
Word - remove all hyperlinks
Word template
Word to HTM (FrontPage)

Xcopy  vs  Xcopy32