Video in PowerPoint (a guide)

http://www.indezine.com/  (tons and tons of PowerPoint stuff)

Click/View multiple images on one Slide (images only change when you trigger them - which mean click them)



Editing a Boilerplate Presentation into a Customer-Ready Presentation

Using the Mouse as a Hand-Held Remote Slide-Show Controller

Few presenters are lucky enough to have a wireless hand-held controller for their presentation.  This is a simple trick.  Just bring an external mouse with the laptop to the customer site, then hold the mouse so that your thumb touches the left button, and click to advance the slides.  It is a bit irritating to see a presenter continually go back to the laptop and search for the down-arrow.  The mouse will give you a 6-foot radius to walk around in, which is plenty.

Configure PowerPoint to back up upon Right Mouse-Click

New Powerpoint version bring up a popup menu by default, and you will need to enable this method, in order to use the hand-held mouse trick from above.

NOTE:  of course, if you use any of the other options in the popup menu (most do not) then return the setting when the presentation is completed.  If you return the setting to the default - it will allow options in the popup menu such as Next, Back, access to Meeting Minder, Exit, Pointer Options, Speakers Notes and other choices)

Slide Transitions

These include fly-ins from all directions, audio sounds such as whizzes and dings, and video clips.  It is recommended to keep these to a minimum, since audiences generally dislike the bells and whistles.  

It is highly recommended to keep transitions to a  MINIMUM !!  They tend to annoy audiences and slow down the Presentation.