Microsoft Outlook XP and 2003: Configuring multiple accounts

Here we shows you two methods.  The Profiles method has the advantage of storing all emails in separate PST files, and also presents the classic view you are used to for each account.  However, since  there are multiple profiles, Outlook will now prompt you for which profile you want – every time, before it opens – which is a hassle.  Also, once Outlook is started – you can only access one account.

With the Folders method you can access BOTH accounts at once – you can see the emails received into both accounts and you can send emails from either account.

NOTE:  we are saying “both” accounts, but you could also set up 3,4,5 accounts, etc 

Folders Method with a Rule (preferred method)

*** for this method Do NOT make multiple PST files, because even though Outlook allows you to make multiple PST files – it will only allow you to select one of them to receive all emails into !!  Do the following – for this example we will use  as the most often used email (Default) and, as the secondary email:

  1. Add the two accounts using Tools/Accounts
  2. Select one as the “Default” ( in this case, ) – this is the one you will use the most, and it is the one that your sent emails will be addressed from as the default.  You can, however, select either account as the “sender” in a drop-down box at the top of each new email.
  3. Close out the Accounts Maintenance box
  4. Create a new Folder under the Inbox :   1-Cox  (we precede the folder name with “1“ so that it will be the top folder and that way is easily accessible without scrolling down)
  5. Tools/Rules and Alerts  .  .  .
  6. New Rule . . .  “Move Messages sent to a distribution list to a Folder”
  7. Click “People or Distribution List” on the bottom, and to the right of the “To” on the bottom, type:
  8. Click “OK” then click “Specified Folder” – and select the folder “1-Cox”
  9. DONE !!   Now all emails for will come into the Inbox as always, and the emails to will come into the folder, 1-Cox


Profiles Method (a bit of a pain)

*** you create multiple profiles, with each linked to a different PST, and this will keep the emails for each Account in separate PST files. From -

The Scenario - three POP e-mail accounts

Here we will create two separate profiles that will give you two separate data files (pst files);

  1. First, get rid of two of the accounts from the Outlook profile you already have.
  2. Then go to your Mail Settings, then START --> CONTROL PANEL --> MAIL
  3. Select SHOW PROFILES, then ADD.
  4. Follow through the instructions to set up a profile making sure you have the necessary info from your ISP or POP account ... (account names, passwords, addresses, etc.)
  5. Then create further profiles for second account, giving each profile a separate and distinguishing name.
  6. Once you have your two profiles (each with a different email address) click the radio button next to "Prompt for a Profile to be Used". Then click OK.
  7. When you start Outlook, it should ask you which profile to use. Choose the appropriate one and you're all set. That should also give you two PST files.

NOTE:  to easily access both accounts, you'll want to be using Classic View and not Category View in Control Panel or you may have a hard job finding Mail.