Rollover3 - FrontPage DHTML



Very Poor  -  it can do a 2-state rollover, but when you try to then add "click" for the 3rd state, it replaces the mouseover with the click.  I have tried combining them in the code but it will not work. Also this method

changes state very slowly on the published web page. Lastly there are only 2 states

Works with all Browsers

Requires one file - "animate.js" which is automatically created and placed at the root

You cannot delete animate.js  -  FP recreates it automatically when deleted


No image Preload - so make sure to add your own preload code.






The Code

<script language="JavaScript" fptype="dynamicanimation">


function dynAnimation() {}

function clickSwapImg() {}



<script language="JavaScript1.2" fptype="dynamicanimation" src="../../animate.js">


<meta name="Microsoft Border" content="none">


<body onload="dynAnimation()">

<p style="line-height: 150%; margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0" align="center"><b><font size="5">Rollover3

- FrontPage DHTML</font></b></p>


<!-- you can combine the following 6 lines into one long line - for one line per image swap -->

<a href=""



<img border="0"

src="button1.jpg" id="fpAnimswapImgFP11" name="fpAnimswapImgFP11" dynamicanimation="fpAnimswapImgFP11"

lowsrc="button2.jpg" align="middle" width="160" height="35"></a>