- from the Latin "vide" - to direct attention to something -


*** also see the Video Glossary 



Video is a series of images that are displayed quickly enough do that the eye/brain system melds them together.  It is a visual simulation of real life.  10 years ago, no one envisioned the video revolution that has taken hold with PC's.   Video is fascinating and fun.  While many are bored when viewing images, everyone loves video.


The human eye retains an image for a fraction of a second after it views the image. This property is called persistence of vision, and it causes us to integrate the still frames into motion.  Movies use 24 images per sec (frames) while TV uses 30 30 images per sec.  Converting 24 fps film to 30 fps television is called Telecine, while the opposite is called Inverse Telecine.


You may want to peruse the Television pages first, since they contain a detailed discussion, and there is a close relationship between TV and PC Video.  In fact, most serious videographers use the PC to create video for the Television (DVD in particular).

Most of you have never made a video, and probably feel intimidated.  It is complicated.  But we will break it down for you into simple components, and explain each part - enough to get you started.  Anyone can do this - and it is a great hobby !!


What you can Do


Do you recall going over to Uncle Bob's each year, sitting on plastic covered couches, and sipping tea while he assembles the slide projector?   You then get to sit through an hour of slides from his vacation to Kentucky.  Oh what fun !!  Cousin Matilda is a bit more mod - she shows everyone tapes from her camcorder - but man are they dull !!


You, on the other hand, filled several video-tapes with birthday parties, trips, weddings and family gatherings.  You scanned through them and imported the few interesting scenes from each tape into your PC.  You then edited the sections, spliced them together, added scrolling titles and some background music, and output it all back to tape.


Now when your guests come over, they sit down, are treated to Pepsi and Beer, and watch a quick 20 minutes of interesting, funny video clips.  And the best part is that they know everyone in the videos !!  You took 6 hours of dull stuff, and turned it into 20 minutes of fun.


Alternatively you can email video clips of the kids singing happy birthday to Grandma, or the dog doing his rollover trick.  You can post some small clips on your website.  The possibilities are endless.


Is it too Difficult ??


Not at all.  You will video editing software, but beyond that, for most people all they really need is the ability to cut the ends off of clips, and stitch them together.  That's it !!


As to the software, you can download Microsoft's Movie Maker 2 for free, but it is very limited.  I would recommend Adobe Premiere - it can do virtually anything with video clips.  I also like ULEAD Movie Studio Pro. 


Get the Software


You absolutely must have a video editor.  Buy one or find it on the Internet.  I neither condone nor oppose warez - although those that can afford it, should buy it.  People that can afford software generally buy it, and those that can't either do without or download it.