Adobe Updates & Plug-ins


If you are into Graphics . . . then you have Adobe software . . . and lots of it.  They are the reigning King of Graphics packages, and unlike Microsoft, who everyone loves to hate  -  Adobe garners a lot of respect, and they deserve it.  Their software is Top-Notch.  Unfortunately, they are faltering on their recent updates program.  They have figured out a very insidious way to pressure their paying customers, into downloading a bunch of garbage that they don't need, and don't want.


Well, to be fair, some of it is excellent - but let the users decide when and IF they want something.  Let the users investigate these packages - don't ram them down our throats in a confusing, poorly documented manner !!!


Having said that - this page will unveil the truth about these plug-ins and updates, and explain them - in an understandable way.  This includes the most bizarre marketing campaign I have ever seen . . . the Adobe Studio fiasco !!!


Adobe Plug-ins


I don’t know where they all came from, but there are a ton of plug-ins that were mysteriously installed in my system.  To see a list of them, open  a PDF file to start up Acrobat, and goto Help/About Adobe Plug-ins . . .


Here is my list:



I am not sure where to get these plugins for installation – although some of them are probably on the Adobe site.  Since I have so many and do not know where they came from – many of them must have been installed as part of the main setup.exe install routine.


Adobe Updates


*** also see “New Adobe Product Updates” for a brief summary of the update process

*** also see the “Adobe Product Updates” page for a list o


This is very irritating !!!  But Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop periodically put up a box, suddenly with no warning – saying there are updates available.  Acrobat never gives me an option to stop these messages, but Photoshop does.  I tried downloading and installing the updates but at that time there must have been a bug, because it kept asking me if I wanted to install them.  To view a list of what you DO NOT have installed,:


Open Acrobat, and goto Help/Updates  .  .  .


Adobe Product Update


(install file is “Adobe_Update.exe”)


This is basically an overall “patch” for all Adobe products and enhances their inter-working.  But it also is required to allow interactive functions with the “Adobe Studio” collaborative website.   Here is the install screen that pops up:



The following is Adobe’s explanation of this update:


Adobe recommends downloading the latest Workgroup Services Update to ensure trouble free operation of your Adobe products. This update provides improved network performance and connectivity for all Adobe applications. It also includes the Adobe Studio Toolkit for improve interactivity with Adobe Studio services.

This Update contains critical new components that will improve the network performance of your Adobe applications.

Collaboration Services

·        Improved access to collaboration servers that support WebDAV

·        Improved file transfer capabilities using the Adobe Workgroup Helper application

·        128-bit security and multiple file upload and download via http & WebDAV

·        Improved collaboration services for applications with workgroup support

Product Services

  • Automatic notification of Adobe Product updates and upgrades

  • Faster performance for checking for plug-in and patches updates

  • Improved access to product information and technical support via the Adobe Online menu item

  • Removed dependency on AOM application


Adobe Studio – not a Program !!! A great website though


Adobe Studio -

Adobe Studio Tips and Tutorials (excellent!!) -

Adobe Studio Exchange (users sharing files) -


Adobe Studio is a community website that includes Tips & excellent Tutorials on all Adobe products - user sharing file service (files such as Photoshop actions, Premiere motions paths, etc.).


The Adobe Studio Install Fiasco


*** also see the previous Adobe Product Update for more explanation


This is a bit confusing.  This download is listed on the Adobe Update page, and the file name is Adobe_Update.exe  -  BUT when you run it, it says it will install a new program called “Adobe Studio” in addition to “Adobe Product Update”.  In reality there is no program called Adobe because it is not a program – it’s a website !!


The Install Package Adobe_Update.exe Confusion - although they say that Adobe Studio comes with this install package ( Adobe_Update.exe ) – it cannot, because it is just a website !!!  This package does install a number of hidden enhancements for existing Adobe products (see Adobe’s explanation below) and installs one actual utility - a screen capture utility (like HiJack) that doesn’t work !!  Once installed, there is no help, no program to run, and no ReadMe !!




Photoshop menu “Help/Updates . . . “ listed Updates


SVG Viewer (Scalable Vector Graphics)


This shows up under Help/Updates . . .  however, on the Adobe SVG page ( ) they say:


“Adobe's SVG Viewer, deployed with Adobe® Reader® software to millions of desktops, enables a single SVG rendering and JavaScript interactivity experience within the browser across Windows®, Mac, and Linux® PCs.”


Therefore I have moved this to the Acrobat Updates section.



Acrobat “Help/Updates . . . “ listed Updates


Acrobat Reader 6.0.2 


This version caused problems at my work, and caused the IE pdf viewing to stop working altogether !!  Adobe’s description:


“This update addresses known issues including support for XML based forms and eBook activation. It also provides improved security and adds support for 2D barcodes. Adobe recommends all Acrobat and Reader users install this update.”


Atmosphere Player 1.0  


Never tried it.  Adobe’s description:


“The Atmosphere Player for Acrobat and Adobe Reader is designed to enable use of Atmosphere environments within a PDF document enabling the user the ability to experience a rich variety of interactive content, including three-dimensional objects, directional sound, streaming audio and video, SWF animations, and physical behaviors.”


Photoshop Album 2.0 Starter Edition  


This is odd – it shows up as an update for Acrobat but it’s title says it is for Photoshop !!  Adobe’s Description:


“Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) Album 2.0 Starter Edition software makes it easy to find, fix, and share your digital photos. Organize your digital photos in a snap. Instantly fix photo flaws in just a click or two. Easily share your memories in a slide show with captions or e-mail individual photos to family and friends.”