VOB's to DVD

How to take a "loose collection" of random VOB's - not structurally related . . . and make a DVD
NOTE:  the VOB's must be the same MPEG2 format (video and audio parameters must match)

In this example, there were 5 VOB files created with ConvertXtoDVD (formaerly Divx2DVD).  You will need VOBedit and IFOedit to do this.   Both are free tools (Google them).

The disc should play just fine and can have chapter breaks, (which you can create in Divx2DVD.

*** older version of Divx2DVD will only create one VOB at a time

*** you can use other programs as well to create the "loose" VOB files

Super-Compressed DVD's using this Method

- avg reduction is size is 60%

- the downside is that you do lose the menus, since this method deals only with the main video

An actual case - I took a 4.5 GB DVD with 5 VOB files, and converted it to a 1.8 GB DVD with just 2 VOB files.  The steps are:

  1. use Video Redo to convert the VOB's to MPEG-2 at 720x480 - or in my case it was PAL at 720x576

  2. use TMPGenc Express 3.0 to convert the MPG's to 352x480 MPEG-2 files - this also converted my PAL DVD files to NTSC !!!

  3. converted the small MPEG-2 files back to VOB's using VideoRedo.  You now have 1 GB VOB's that are reduced to about 1/2 GB

  4. join the 5 VOB's with VOBedit - and in my case I ended up with just two VOB's totaling 1.8 GB !!

  5. use IFOedit to create IFO files

Now you can  .  .  .

How to do It

1)  Name the VOB's "exactly" as shown below

either Create VOB's - or use existing VOB's that you already have.  Let's say you have 3 clips, and they are named: VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_02_1.VOB and VTS_03_1.VOB. 

place them in a folder and create an empty subfolder, name it "joined" (any name will work)

IMPORTANT - you MUST rename the files using this exact syntax !!  Use the following order and the following format for the names (abd make sure to use the double-zeros just before the final number):

2)  Join the VOB's

- use VOBedit to create new VOB's that are properly "joined", so that the DVD will see them as a sequence of VOB's

3)  Use IFOedit to create the IFO and BUP Files

** make sure you have IfoEdit version 0.94 or later

VOBedit has created 3 new VOB files:

*** both Top Radio Buttons are Selected
These other radio buttons are needed if you're having special VOB files
that, for example . . . contain picture-slideshows.

4) Use IFOedit to check the VTS sectors and fix the VTS Sector numbering if errors are found

*** this step is optional since the Sectors should be OK and numbered correctly, but to be safe, go ahead and do it