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The Myths - a lot of people claim that a VOB file is actually an MPEG-2 file, and all you have to do is change the extension from "vob" to "mpg" to convert it. WRONG !!   

Other people claim that a VOB file is merely a container with an MPEG-2 file inserted inside.  This is closer to the truth, but to be accurate they need to say that each frame is a container with an mpeg-2 frame inside.

The Truth - VOB files are very similar to mpeg-2 files, and they are so similar that when you convert from one to the other, the file size will be very close.  However, they are NOT the same.  When a DVD authoring utility creates VOB's from MPEG-2 files, it takes each frame, adds a VOB header, and saves it.  It may actually "replace" the mpeg header info with vob header info or it may just "add" a vob header to the existing mpeg-2 header - not sure which.

The Mother of all VOB Converters  .  .  .  VideoRedo

VideoRedo is by far the fastest VOB-to-MPEG-2 converter.  Now, with that knowledge you would think that all utilities capable of opening vob's and saving them as mpeg-2 files would be extremely fast.  Unfortunately that is not the case.  Virtually ALL of them, except for one  .  .  .  re-encode the video, and this take forever.  The one app that truly converts only the headers is "VideoRedo", available at .  VideoRedo is a program that will do quick editing (it doesn't re-render the files), and you can try it for free for 28 days to see if you like it.   

What can VideoRedo do??  

What Can't VideoRedo do ??

How to use VideoRedo

*** you can use three methods to save to MPEG-2:  

NOTE on PAL:  since this app just converts without re-encoding, if you use a PAL DVD then the MPG file will also be PAL format (720x576, 25 fps).

How fast is it?  

Well, a traditional VOB-to-MPG utility will take about an hour for a typical 1 GB VOB.  VideaRedo takes about 5 minutes !!!

Even better  .  .  .  since it does not re-encode the video, there is no loss of quality !!!  So your resultant MPG file will have the same, identical quality as the original DVD has !!!