How to directly Edit VOB Files


This is possible, but NOT recommended.  It is just too difficult, and many systems hav trouble even playing MPEG-2, let alone editing them directly.

The best way to edit a VOB is:

  1. convert the VOB to AVI using "Ultra Video Splitter" - here's how

  2. Edit the AVI in Adobe Premiere

  3. convert to standard, DVD-compliant MPEG-2 using CucuSoft or any other converter that makes 100% DVD-compliant MPEG-2's (such as TMPGenc Express 3.0).

But if you must  .  .  .  here is the VOB direct edit technique  .  .  .

Links:   Doom9 VOB/MPEG2 Software Utilities

Transcode VOB's to one long video m2V file in one step:  ReMPEG2  or use Vidomi to make one long AVI file.  Both are very SLOW !!!

Best professional MPEG2 Encoder (VOB-to-MPEG2):  CCE 2.7 (Cinema Craft Encoder 2.7) - BUT it is $2000 !!!!

This is a huge hole in the DVD software industry.  To edit any DVD, you need to change the information in the VOB files, which store both Video and Audio of the DVD content.  Since there has never been a "VOB editor", you must use the following process:

Encode vs Decode vs Transcode

Fastest VOB to MPEG2 conversion Process

VirtualDub Forum

Applying Filters to the Video using the Fastest Method

AVIsynth - to apply filters "before" the main editor accesses the file - AVIsynth is a go-between utility that makes your edit such as VirtualDub "think" it is working directly with the video file, when it reality AVIsynth is passing the data to it and applying filters that you setup in a text file.  Avisynth is a very useful utility created by Ben Rudiak-Gould. It provides many options for joining and filtering videos. What makes Avisynth unique is the fact that it is not a stand-alone program that produces output files. Instead, Avisynth acts as the "middle man" between your videos and video applications.  First, you create a simple text document with special commands, called a script. These commands make references to one or more videos and the filters you wish to run on them. Then, you run a video application, such as VirtualDub, and open the script file. This is when Avisynth takes action. It opens the videos you referenced in the script, runs the specified filters, and feeds the output to video application. The application, however, is not aware that Avisynth is working in the background. Instead, the application thinks that it is directly opening a filtered AVI file that resides on your hard drive. Open up any text editor, type the above on the first line (using any AVI file on your machine as "myclip.avi"), and save it as "myclip.avs". You now have a script that can be opened by most AVI players in your machine: Windows Media Player 6.4 (aka "mplayer2") will play the script; so will VirtualDubMod or plain VirtualDub. So far as they care, your text document is an AVI file !!! 


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