ForceASPI Installation Guide

What is ForceASPI ??

ForceASPI ignores the system requirements which are imposed by Adaptec's own installer and allows you to install Adaptec ASPI 4.60 (1021) on your PC regardless of your hardware or software configuration.

The scripts which make up ForceASPI will automatically detect your operating system and install the appropriate files correctly.

What about Adaptec ASPI Drivers??

The problem was that for many years, Adaptec simply did not release ASPI drivers written specifically for WinXP and Win 2000.  But after years of waiting, Adaptec finally did release them, with version 4.71.2

This ASPI Driver package for Windows computers, supports third party hardware and software. Includes ASPI drivers version 4.70 for Windows 98, NT 4, Me, 2000 and XP. Also includes ASPICHK version checking utility.

But since ForceASPI is tried and true, it is best to use ForceASPI !!

Installing ForceASPI

Before installing these, run ASPI-check to see if you already have ASPI drivers loaded (they load when you boot, transparent to you):

            *** run the file:   "aspichk_4712.exe" or newer ( ASPICheck Download Website )

Many systems do not have ASPI drivers loaded - your CD and/or DVD drive can "work" without them.  However, many DVD and CD related programs require ASPI drivers. This set of ASPI drivers is from - he is an expert on DVD copying, so I trust his drivers.  But he got them from ForceASPI

Unzip this and double-click INSTASPI.BAT to installForceASPI 1.7 will install ASPI layer 4.60.
ForceASPI 1.8 will install ASPI layer 4.71.2

Which version of ASPI Drivers should I use ??

Most people will prefer ForceASPI 1.7 as it contains ASPI 4.60. This seems to have less bugs in it than later versions of ASPI.

ForceASPI 1.7 Download  (preferred)

ForceASPI 1.8 Download

The first thing to do is to unzip the files to your computer. I normally use the root directory so that I can find them easily.


The first thing to do is to dump your ASPI version to a backup file. This way if anything does wrong you can put the original back into place. To do this you run the DumpASPI program. If there is no ASPI installed on your system then you will get a "File Does Not Exist, Backup Not Possible" message come up.


Once you have dumped your current ASPI it is time to install the new version. To do this, run the InstASPI program.


You will now have to reset your computer for the changes to take place. Once the computer has been restarted you now should check the ASPI version installed to make sure that everything has been updated correctly. To do this, run the ASPICheck program. If everything is ok then you will see the following screen. Notice the green background.


If something went wrong then you will see the same screen but with a red background. Normally this is because you haven't reset the computer. If you have reset your computer then try reinstalling the ASPI drivers again.


That's it. If something has gone wrong or you want to put back your old ASPI version then run the RestASPI program.