DVD-Random Access Memory

We will basically skip this format, because it is so rare, and is incompatible with virtually all players.  So, in short - don't buy it, don't use it  .  .  .  don't even think about it !!

This format has one seemingly great advantage - it allows for more than 100,000 rewrites. But do you really think you will need more than the 1000 rewrites that DVD-RW and DVD+RW allow ?

The media  is a single-sided disc in a removable cartridge, or a dual-sided disc in a permanent cartridge. It comes in single sided 2.6GB and double sided 5.2GB sizes. Data is written on the disk with a laser using the phase-change method. It is mostly used by Toshiba, Hitachi and Matsushita.

DVD-RAM discs are not playback-compatible with anything except a DVD-RAM drive !!!  You can't read them with a DVD recordable drive, you can't read them with a DVD-ROM drive, and you can't read them with an HT DVD player.  Basically, you can't read them.