How to burn an XP Bootable CD with SP1 Slipstreamed

Many sources list this process. Unfortunately, most of them are not clear, they overcomplicate the process, and leave out important information.  Here is a straightforward process with screenshots for all the Nero settings.  


First - a Note about SP1 vs SP1a, and JAVA 

I used to recommend to everyone to NOT use SP1a because it does not have a JAVA VM !!  Microsoft dropped support for SUN Java.  The original SP1 came with MS JAVA VM v3805 which contains the core engine of the JAVA VM.  But Sp1 is now almost impossible to find (I have it, but it is a monster 133 MB download, so I do not supply it).  But there is a much easier fix for this, as we will discuss next. 

Oddly - Microsoft's JAVA VM update v3810, which comes with SP1a, is not an actual JAVA VM !!  It is only a security Update - it does NOT contain the JAVA VM base code required to run JAVA !!

So if you installed WinXP and then applied SP1a, your JAVA will not work.  It does install the JAVA VM update (v3810), in case you already have a real JAVA VM installed.  But the update alone does nothing without the underlying JAVA VM.

Fortunately, there is a simple workaround !!  You can transform your SP1a into SP1.  The only difference is the version of MS JAVA VM, so all you have to do is the following:

  1. remove the update v3810
  2. install MS JAVA VM 5.0.3805, which does have the real McCoy in it (a real JAVA VM)
  3. then reapply MS JAVA VM 5.00.3810, which will add necessary security against hackers

NOTE:  malicious code can exploit a security vulnerability in versions <3809 which could allow a trojan to be installed on a machine just by viewing a webpage.  So after you reinstall the MS JAVA VM v3805 make sure to upgrade it to 3810 !!

To test your browser's JAVA support


Now, creating an XP Bootable CD with SP1 Slipstreamed In

Why Slipstream SP1 in ??

Combining XP and SP1 on the same installation is called "slipstreaming".  This way, the next time you reinstall your OS, you don't have to reinstall SP1 afterwards, which can be problematic.  This gives you one CD with everything on it, and it will also operate just fine when WinXP asks you to "Insert CD" during driver installations and adding Windows Components.

Basic Steps

l  Nero Fix - there is a problem where when you've burned a bootable NT4/W2K/XP CD-Rom using Nero. and then When booting with the CD you may get the message "BOOT: Couldn't find NTLDR".  The fix requires a simple registry change and is listed below. 
l  Create 3 temporary directories in the C Drive - for the XP CD files, SP1, and the XP boot image.  The folder    names do not matter.
l  Copy your XP Pro CD files to the XP folder
l  Extract the contents of SP1 to the SP1 folder
l  Slipstream SP1 with XP 
l  Burn the Slipstreamed files to a cd, making sure that the software is configured to use the XP boot image

Other Methods

Included here for comparison.  It is best not to use SP1a, so Method1 is not recommended:

Method1 (requires - includes link to download it - but uses SP1a)

Method2 - from "The Elder Geek"

Method 3 (Bart's Method - very detailed info on Boot CD's in General)

Method 4 - using Nero (lots of images - good explanation but missing steps)


My Method using Nero

Burn an XP Bootable CD with SP1 Slipstreamed

Step 1)  Nero Reg Fix 

There is a problem where when you've burned a bootable NT4/W2K/XP CD-Rom using Nero. and then When booting you may get the message "BOOT: Couldn't find NTLDR"

The workaround is to disable ISO9660 file versions, in Nero you need to edit a registry setting - goto Start/Run . . . RegEdit and then set the following registry key to a value of 0

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\General\AddISOFileVersion

Step 2)  Gather the files and copy them to folders

create three folders to contain the CD contents, service pack, and the boot image file.  You can use any names for these folders.  We will use WinXP-CD, XP-boot, and XP-SP1  -  this example has placed them directly under the root of F drive

  1. copy the entire WinXP CD to the WinXP-CD folder

  2. download SP1 to F:\Download  (Microsoft has removed it - get it from - 133 MB !!)

  3. extract all files from SP1 (if you have not done this already) to XP-SP1 as follows:

    NOTE:  alternatively, you can use WinRAR to extract the files

    • download the service pack to a temporary folder - in this case, F:\Download

    • Start/Run . . . cmd <Enter>

    • this opens a DOS box - now type in the Service Pack file name followed by the -x option, and it will ask you where your want the files extracted to (select F:\XP-SP1):

  4. copy the boot image file to XP-boot (you can DL it Here, or extract this file from the XP CD using ISO Buster - the file here is called XPboot.bin  -  the extracted file will normally be called Microsoft Corporation.img but I have also seen one named Arnes Boot Record.img - they are all the same 2k file, either way

Step 3)  Slipstream  SP1 and XP together  

NOTE:  or use a dash instead of a slash - both will work:    update -s:F:WinXP-CD   

Step 4)  Burn the CD with Nero

Start NERO BURNING ROM and select New Compilation - CD BOOT

Drag & Drop all files from the c:\winXP folder from the right pane to the right pane (the Compilation Pane)

Select "Recorder" Menu and select your CD Writer from the list

Select "Write CD" from the File Menu to bring up the settings tabs.

Nero Settings (the tabs)

NOTE: the following screenshots are from Nero's "Burning ROM" utility - which is part of the 6.0 suite, or standalone for earlier versions of Nero


Info Tab



Boot Tab

Select BOOT Tab then select "Image File" radio button and Click on Browse. And select your XP boot image (mine is XPboot.bin).   Click  Here  to download the XP boot image if you missed this on Step 2





Label Tab


Dates Tab


Misc Tab


Burn Tab


Click on the WRITE Button, and Label the CD.  Congratulations !! You should now have a nice new Bootable Copy of "WINDOWS XP PRO"